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About to agree to adopting a cat... advice for cat+kids combo?

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shellki Fri 15-Jul-11 14:02:10

We are buying a new house and the owner has offered to leave us the cat, since he is moving to an apartment and feels it would be unhappy. Based on appearances she has been well looked after and has grown up with children. My kids absolutely love her, she is very gentle with them, and is loved by all the neighbours. We had been considering getting an animal, but had not yet decided, so this seems to be a good idea.
I love animals, but have only ever owned dogs, so I want some advice or pointers from any willing parties. I don't like animals to go into the bedrooms, but can you train cats for this? What about having a cat + DD1 4.5years and DD2 2 years?

DooinMeCleanin Fri 15-Jul-11 14:10:21

You don't train cats. They train you wink. You can close doors though smile

I've always had our cat with the children and he is brilliant, but it really does depend on the cat. My cat is very, very gentle and has never scratched or bitten. He has pillows kept up high so he can rest away from the kids and dogs if he wants to.

shellki Tue 19-Jul-11 09:55:20

Thanks for your reply, we will find a high-up quiet place for the cat to get away from kids!

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