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I got my kitten last night and I have litter tray question :)

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purpleflower123 Sat 09-Jul-11 10:32:19

He is 7 weeks old, tabby and gorgeous. He's from a litter of 4 boys and has always been the most confident.

He has a couple of fleas, I'm going to bath him and flea comb him later, when I tried last night though they jumped off the comb before I could catch them, any tips?

Although very well loved and cared for he lived outside all his life and has never used a litter tray. I've been putting him in there, even massaged his belly but so far there's nothing. He's been here 12 hours and not even an accident that I can see (although he could've had a piddle behind the furniture!) How can I encourage him and teach him what the litter tray is for? I'm thought about letting one of my older cats use it so it smells but not sure if that will work?

My older 2 were hilarious, the eldest is 3 and is a grumpy cow around other cats, she hissed and ran away, the 2 year old just wanted to play. He normally chases any other cats off and is territorial. The 2 rub along together fine, just not the best of friends. I think the younger one will enjoy the company smile

He is so sweet and fluffy, my other 2 came at 4 months so I'm not use to one this small.

purpleflower123 Sat 09-Jul-11 15:33:44

Can no body help?

He still hasn't been anywhere I can see, he's been sleeping in the cupboard most of the afternoon.

SparklyCloud Sun 10-Jul-11 12:42:55

Just leave the tray near him. cats can go ages without weeing especially when new to your home.
I would (if you can grab him) put him in the tray and scrape his paws through the litter, a few times for him, see if he does it himself.
Don't bath him, cats hate it and it will really stress him out. Never bath a cat!
As for the fleas, from 8 weeks of age, and 1 kg weight, you can use frontline on him, it will kill ALL the fleas. or the newer one Effipro, I buy it online for less that a tenner for 4 capsules.

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