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I can't figure my cat out. So what's new.

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knockinonyerdoor Fri 08-Jul-11 14:09:24

My old boy Toffee is 16, arthritic, cataracts, spends all day lazing in the garden or asleep on the bed. I've always fed my cats dry food with a 'treat' of a can or pouch mid-afternoon. About six months ago, Toffee decided he didn't want dry food any more and just cried for the pouches, so I thought, what the hell, he's old enough to have what he wants. So for the past six months he's had pouches/tins, and it always has to be fresh - he won't eat it if it's been sitting there for an hour, he will come and ask for more.

yes he's spoiled, so what! grin

So today, after six months of begging for wet food, he just wouldn't stop meowing round his food dishes. I gave him fresh food, he kept on. And on. I couldn't figure out what he wanted, but just now the other cats came in and I put their dry food down for them.

He dived right in, purring.

bloody cat. grin

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