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Moved house - how to get cat to use litter tray?

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mashpot Fri 08-Jul-11 08:03:06

Hello, we moved house yesterday and would like to keep our cat inside for a while so she gets used to the new surroundings. She is used to going to the toilet outdoors and hasn't used the litter tray we have put out for her yet - don't know if she has weed somewhere she shouldn't!

How do I train her to use the litter tray? We have lifted her onto it but she gets straight off. Any advice would be great.

Also, how long should I leave it before letting her out? She is around 14 years old and never left the garden of our last house but I don't want her to run away.


girlywhirly Fri 08-Jul-11 12:25:15

The litter might be more appealing if you mix some compost or soil from the garden into it in the tray, more like outdoors iyswim. You could also get a cat harness and lead from a pet store, to take her around the garden and explore it without running off. She may take the opportunity to go to the loo while she is outside!

SparklyCloud Sun 10-Jul-11 12:45:38

It is said to wait around 2 weeks before letting them out. When you do, tip the contents of your vacuum cleaner on the lawn, front and back, the smell will help her back if she does wander, although she prob wont if she didnt at old house smile

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