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Help with my 2 rescued Siamese!

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HelloKlitty Mon 04-Jul-11 09:59:42

I have had them for about 5 or 6 weeks now....2 neutered brothers. They're years old and very affectionate but hve some problems.

They do go in the garden at night but are stil nervous....last night one of them/...Lamb...went further afield and didn't come back....his brother did so I went and called Lamb and heard a fint meow.

He eventually came along the back fence meowing and nervous....he seemed confused and afraid to jump down....he went into the neighbours garden cryin the wole time and I had to sand with hs food encouraging him to jump up the fence into our garden. He kept trying and loosing his nerve....he eventually managed it by getting on the neighbours table.

He was all nervous when he got in and then I heard a noise...and his brother was mounting him in the hallway! I separated them but whilst I was in bed I heard they were at it.

Anoter problem is that I would like to put their litter tray outside and have them use it there....but when I do they wee on the bed! They do sit in the garden but usualy in the early evening and during the day they sleep under my bed....appeaing only to eat, drink or wee and then they run off upstairs.


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