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Cat making me worry (please HELP)

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Fluffycloudland77 Sun 03-Jul-11 20:43:08

My cat wont wear a collar, he takes it off and dumps them in neighbours gardens, but we found out that hes going on the road, much further than we thought he went (bengal, active breed) so I want him to wear a collar.

I've seen and they make lightweight collars but has anyone used on a collar refusnik and had success? their £5 each so I cant really afford for him to be losing them all the time (wilfull little bugger has to win).

Also anyone used Cat mate timed cat flaps? there £91 and I'll spend it if I have to, but has anyone had a cat break out of one? because mines broken 2 cat flaps in 18months by running at them from the bottom of the stairs and headbutting them till they break (told you he was willfull).

He is neutered because we thought it would stop him going off on jaunts.

Why cant he go into the fields (we live in the country) and hunt rabbits? why does he have to go down the lane?? What do we have do move to house in a field in the middle of now where?.

SparklyCloud Mon 04-Jul-11 23:42:44

I looked at that link, they are the fast release collars that pets at home sell, if you pull they snap apart. Mine got 3 of them off before i changed to the buckle ones with an elastic bit in them to release them if they catch a branch, they are the best type - this one also reflective so good for the road - this one

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