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Cat Dandruff/Matting

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MissFoodie Mon 27-Jun-11 12:30:18

The cat (medium hair) has bad matting, and the matts have dandruff in them - even one of those blades isn't working so am now going for a curry comb...

however, the matted hair has bad dandruff and he has also developed a bit of dandruff all over his back - any suggestions on this?

I haven't changed his food, so not sure whether he needs a supplement (have seen salmon oil?) or different biscuits?

I do give him Malt Paste which I thought would avoid this, he has never had dandruff before, it's only in the last few months

theredhen Tue 28-Jun-11 09:03:28

are you sure its dandruff and not flea dirt? i thought my old cat had dandruff but it turned out to be fleas. :-(

MissFoodie Tue 28-Jun-11 19:19:15

haha, yes, flea dirt is brown, this is white - but i've now discovered it's only on the matted hair, not all over, so not a general problem, now I just need to keep working on the matts!

girlywhirly Wed 29-Jun-11 11:54:39

MissFoodie, is your cat old or has he got mobility issues? I found that my old cat started to get matts, the vet said probably he couldn't twist around to groom them due to arthritis. The other thing is, old cats start to be so fussy about their grooming. Mine had 'dandruff' too.

You could give veterinary cod liver oil, this would improve the dry flaky skin and the condition of his fur, and also help with joint mobility. I just used to dribble the required amount on the cat food daily. You can get it at pet stores quite cheaply.

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