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Stronghold and live fleas 24 hrs later

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theredhen Sat 25-Jun-11 17:19:46

I have just got a new kitten.

Unfortunately, she has an infestation of fleas. She is currently shut away in a bathroom and the vet applied stronghold to her yesterday evening, but 24 hours later I am still seeing live fleas on her. Is this normal?

I had trouble once before with my old cat and frontline but the vet said that some cats were building a resistance to it, but I haven't heard such things about Stronghold.

It would be nice to let her out of the bathroom to explore her new home but I don't want my carpets and more importantly, my other cat to get infected.

HonestyBox Mon 27-Jun-11 12:39:19

I don't know much about Stronghold but I'm assuming as it is from the vet that it works well.

The live fleas will be ones that have only just jumped on or that haven't died yet.

Have you fleacombed her? I flea comb my cat and it seems to help a lot. It also helps me keep on top of whether he actually has fleas or not. You might not know if your other cat has fleas if you haven't combed. Kill the fleas that you comb off with boiling water in a bowl. And let the poor girl out of the bathroom fgs. Just keep on top of the flea treatments for them both.

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