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Cat pressing all the buttons - at wits end

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acatcalledbob Fri 24-Jun-11 08:21:23

We've had cats before and we must have been really lucky because now it's payback time.

We adopted a kitten in December. He bites all of us, scratches us, creeps upstairs and bites the kids in their beds even. He was neutered at 6 months (in April) and there has been no change. We have tried everything, from hissing at him to shouting, to tapping him on the nose, to ignoring. Nothing seems to work.

We have started letting him outside (not recommended here but we have no choice as it's horrible spending time with him in the house). He's picked up an eye infection so is wearing a cone, inside all week. He's been scratching at the door all day and I've just found a pile of crap in the bath. This is the limit. I know it's a protest but if I tell DH, he'll get rid of the cat.

Fed up with being abused in our own home, any bright ideas?

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