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Lost kitties

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numptysmummy Mon 20-Jun-11 13:52:38

2 weeks ago one of my cats got run over and now another one has gone missing. The dcs are beside themselves but are all adamant that they want another one. Should we? We aren't on a particularly busy road, i think we've just been unlucky but i don't know if another one is a good idea. Would it be really callous to just go and get another one? My friend said that i would be teaching the dcs that animals arent valued if we just replace them and don't mourn them - the children just miss having a purring,furry friend.

prettyone Mon 20-Jun-11 21:19:07

Im sorry you have lost a kitten and one has been run over. How old were they? My husband accidently ran over our kitten on christmas eve on the drive. It was a few years ago. It spoilt our christmas!! But we did replace Sassy. We got another one and named her Jackie Chan, she also got run over leaving us with 5 little kittens which we had to bottle feed. We kept one of them, and she has been with us for several years. I do not think you are being callous, just unlucky. The lost one may turn up, she or he may be looking for a mate?

numptysmummy Tue 21-Jun-11 09:05:09

They were 18mths old, both spayed. We have lots of animals so the children are kind of used to things dying and although they were both much loved pets i don't want the dcs mourning them for the next 6mths ifswim. I don't think the missing cat will turn up - she never goes anywhere,always appears as soon as she hears the car etc sad. Sorry to hear about your bad luck - i said no more cats when i lost one a few years ago but i miss having one around too much!

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