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My cats won't defend their territory!

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Meid Sat 18-Jun-11 20:10:21

My two young cats, both female and aged 8 months and 12 months are not defending their territory. One positively runs when she sees another cat and the other will just go and sniff it and get attacked.

They were both from a rescue centre which may have affected their behaviour. (The older one was in the centre 6 months before we got her and the younger one was hand reared from birth - she thinks she's human!)

To make matters worse, when they are attacked by other cats they both poo themselves so each time another cat comes into the garden and is aggressive my poor kitty ends up with poo all over her.

I doubt I can teach them to protect their territory, but I wondered if anyone had any tips?

The only thing I can think of is to get another cat but the pressure will be on to be territorial!

Any thoughts appreciated!

meid smile

pinguwings Sun 19-Jun-11 11:09:46

We have two old lady cats who used to be very good at protecting their patch but old age has caught up with them.

Neighbours a couple of houses down brought 2 cats who think they own the street. They terrified our 2 and would attack them when they got close. And they ate all our fish from our pond. We stepped in. Every time we saw either of the cats in our garden we'd run at them banging a large drum. It's not worked 100% but they are now a lot more wary and we see them in our garden a lot less.

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