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moving house with old cats?

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tink123 Fri 17-Jun-11 16:22:12

Hi, we may be moving later this year and we have three cats - aged, 14,13 and 11. We have a cat flap in our present house and they only go out for short wanders in the garden.

Reading advice on the internet, I was looking for advice. Would it be better to keep them in as house cats, as they stay in most of day these days. New house will not have cat flap as not getting anymore cats when these are no longer with us.

The house is only five mins walk away and I am worried they will try and get back to our present house.

MyNameIsCaz Fri 17-Jun-11 16:26:41

We moved last Nov with an 18 year old cat, like you we didn't want to put a catflap in, she sleeps most of the day, we have a litter tray for her at night and she just meows at the door during the day to come and go outside. She has made no attempt to go further than the garden boundary which is probably down to her age. We did keep her in for the first 2 weeks while she got used to it being home.

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