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Kitten questions

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heathcliffthe2nd Wed 15-Jun-11 21:46:49

I have never had a cat before but a friends cat has had a litter and has two available and I am seriously considering getting one (or two). I have loads of questions; can anyone help?
For background: I have two daughters aged 9 and 7 who are pretty sensible (not too loud or boisterous), I currently work 2 days a week but will probably go full time towards the end of next year.

(i) should I get one or two? Have read that two will keep each other company but may mean that they don't bond with us?
(ii) how much does it cost to have vaccinations/neutering etc? Any other vet bills I should consider? Is it worth getting pet insurance? What else do I need to buy? Scratching post. toys etc???
(iii) will it/they be alright when I am out for most of the day (8-4)?

Please excuse my ignorance, I am trying to make sure that we make the right decision here!

Teds77 Wed 15-Jun-11 22:13:35

I would get two - they really do keep each other company, especially if you are out during the day. My two boys have always adored us so I don't think there is any problem bonding.

I can't remember what the initial costs are but the yearly vaccinations are now, by the time you add on some worming/flea treatment stuff which I usually buy at the same time, a bit over 100 quid. I think kittens might need two lots of injections early on so you might end up paying a fair bit to start with but can't remember, sorry. There is also neutering/spaying after about six months and it's also worth getting them microchipped - though the RSPCA sometimes runs free sessions for this.

I don't have pet insurance but we try to put a bit of money away each month.

A scratching post and a few toys are good - especially when they are still kitten-ey and stuck inside. Once they are in the garden I don't think they need much stuff. Our kittens loved their hot water bottle when we first got them - it was a microwavable 'for pets' thing. You'll also need a litter tray and probably a pet carrier (trips to vet) but don't think you'll need much else to start with.

We're out all day for longer than you and our boys are happy enough. We got them over Christmas/New Year so we were around a alot for the first few weeks though.

Vajazzler Thu 16-Jun-11 08:17:57

In the last few days i have been asking myself the same questions! I mentioned to a friend on monday morning that we were thinking of getting some kittens and by monday evening we had aquired 2!!
I registered them at the vets yesterday and they told me that the initial course of 2 vaccinations will be £75 each then the yearly booster will be £48.
I've bought a basic litter tray and some toys that are on string and sticks that they love. I got a double dish food bowl for their food/water. I am in and out all day and so far they are fine they sleep i think when we are out to cope with the onslaught of over eager children who want to play with them!
The vet has recommended i think about insuring them and i will as i know i could not afford a big vets bill all in one go
I just need to get a carrier now as we have just borrowed one for now.

PinotGrigiosKittens Thu 16-Jun-11 14:43:39

Great advice on here already. I'd advise getting two. Then your girls can cuddle one each wink

ThisIsJustASagaNow Thu 16-Jun-11 15:10:55

Def two if you can. We had one kitten for a year then got another. We've seen such a different side of his personality since the arrival of the second one and they play and cuddle together <soppy emoticongrin>

Vets bills are per cat approx:

A two part vaccine at 8 & 12 weeks for flu #65
Then a yearly booster:#45

#15 for microchipping

At around 6mnths spay or neuter approx #50-60

Monthly flea drops ie Frontline or Stronghold etc. I get a three month box of Stronghold from the vet for #20 but I have heard it can be cheaper if you get it from somewhere like Asda. Def worth the money though, I haven't seen a single flea on either of ours.

A worm tablet every three months approx #5

If you need a Cattery it works out at about #8 a night if you need one. We factor the cost into our holiday now<ouch!>.

Food - depends what's on offer but our two can be fuss pots (ie spoiltgrin)

Haven't done insurance although we did look into it. We've had a couple of expensive vet visits with a nasty cut and a bite one time. Both cost around #130 to fix, but for now we've decided to face it on an ad hoc basis. I'm still not sure this is going to be the right way to go but we'll see.

(sorry my 'pound' sign seems to have done a runner and I'm getting # instead confused)

heathcliffthe2nd Thu 16-Jun-11 20:33:52

Thanks to everyone for the great advice - it's really helpful.
Teds77 - good to know that they (I think it's going to be 2!) should be ok when we are out. They will be arriving at the beginning of the summer hols so we will be in all day then.
vajazzler - hope you are enjoying your new pets!
Pinotgrigioskittens - that's what I thought too!
Thisisjustasaganow - it's really useful having the possible costs. Thanks.
We are going to see the kittens tomorrow evening so will keep you updated!

Teds77 Thu 16-Jun-11 22:41:12

Hurrah! Another cat slave signed up! grin

pookiecat Fri 17-Jun-11 14:15:15

Strongly advise good pet insurance, I have claimed ££££ ! One treatment was was at least 5k.

DontCallMeBaby Fri 17-Jun-11 19:44:44

Definitely two! So much fun as kittens, and company for each other, should they want company, when they're bigger. Ours are both 'bonded' to us in their way, but both are quite different (one is currently keeping us company while his brother is out in the rain, but it's the one who's out who will come to me for strokes and PURRRRRR like a little chainsaw all the while).

House is empty 9-3.15, and they're fine. If we go away we leave them with someone popping in to top up food and water, and they seem quite happy (they don't like the cattery, even though it's a totally fab cattery).

heathcliffthe2nd Sat 09-Jul-11 17:02:27

Well we are now the proud owners of two little kittens, Chip and Biscuit (named by my children!).
They alternate between charging around like nutters and sleeping for England. Left them for 8 hours when I was at work yesterday and they were fine (more than can be said for me!)
We are all in love with them! Thanks for all your really useful advice.

PinotLovesRonWeasley Sat 09-Jul-11 18:29:23

Oooh so lovely gringrin Enjoy!

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