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I need help, my cat is pregnant.

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KittyCrisis Tue 14-Jun-11 12:26:21

<scared namechanger>


My cat is very feral, she doesn't enjoy human company and she rarely comes in the house anymore.

She had been gone a few weeks when we saw her and noticed she looked a bit bigger, but we thought she'd been being overfed from various houses she visits.

I just manged to catch her (its that bad - she doesn't like being held) and her tummy is huge and her nipples are all pink and protruding.

I started to make her a box but one of the kids opened the door and shes gone again, I will go find her but what do I do??

She is about 18 months old and we got her from a woman who was getting rid of 2 cats, my sister took the other,she told us that they were both spayed sad

stupidly i never checked - how would i?

anyway i think its far too late to do anything, so I just need help and advice,

not an ear bashing please sad

Lizcat Tue 14-Jun-11 13:24:48

Take her to the vet to get her checked that she is pregnant and they should be able to give you a guestimate of how far gone. They will also give you advice on how to look after her and the babies. They will also tell when she can be done after the kits are born - cats get pregnant again really fast.

5inthebed Tue 14-Jun-11 13:26:54

if she is feral, it woud be better to get her spayed while she is pregnant rather than for her to have her kittens somewhere. It is quite expensive though, about £80-£100, depending on gestation of kittens.

We had our cat spayed, she was pregnat, and it was £98!

BertieBotts Tue 14-Jun-11 13:29:06

Sorry, I don't have any practical advice, but I suggest your sister take her cat to the vet ASAP and see if they can check whether she has been spayed.

TheCountessOlenska Tue 14-Jun-11 13:30:00

It's not the end of the world is it?

When I was growing up our cats had litters a few times and we always managed to house them all!

Just get her spayed after she's had this lot.

KittyCrisis Tue 14-Jun-11 17:20:14

shes DEF pregnant. shes a wee thing and her bellies like a melon ith pink nipples.

i think the woman just lied as she was desperate to get rid, i never thought about it after she said she was.

i dont think we can do anything as shes about to have them i think, at most a week i would guess.

will she just give birth herself? will i need to be there?

5inthebed Tue 14-Jun-11 19:06:17

She will have them herself, you won't need to be there.

PaulaMummyKnowsBest Wed 15-Jun-11 20:37:11

cats can normally give birth without help but as she is so young it would be a good idea to try to keep an eye on her.

One of my cats had babies and escpaed when they were about 6 weeks old. Mummy cat was clearly a tart as she became pregnant again!

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