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Older cat and lots of building work?

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pepperrabbit Mon 13-Jun-11 10:54:54

My cat is 13 and very settled in her ways and we're about to have some serious building work done. This will involve the door with the cat flap disappearing together with her usual place for food and water and her bed (which she never sleeps in obviously!).
I'm quite preoccupied with sorting out the house itself, planning for life with 3 small DCs with the builders in and I'm also having an operation which means I'll only have one arm functioning for 6 weeks or so...
So anything I can do now to make it easier for the cat in a few weeks time would be a help. Or just any experiences on how others cats have coped?
My neighbour loves her and may well help/provide refuge but I can't ask her to look after Daisy for 3 months!

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