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Cheeky cat

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WriterofDreams Wed 08-Jun-11 18:41:34

I've had cats for years but my little girl cat (2 years old) is the cheekiest I've ever come across. Since a bit before DS was born 5 months ago she and her brother have been banned from DS's room. Previous to this neither of them had much interest in the room and the boy cat only had to be told a couple of times to get out the room before he got the idea that it was off limits.

His sister, however, who is a very clever cat, has developed an obsession with the room. At every opportunity she tries to sneak into it. I try to keep the door closed but at times, like this morning, I forget. This morning I saw her creeping up the stairs so I called her name. She meowed and stopped. Then began creeping again. Rinse and repeat. Then called her a third time, she turned, looked at me, said what I'd swear was "fuck off!" in cat and proceeded up the stairs and into the room! Of course as soon as she heard me coming up after her she flaked it back down the stairs again and gave me a very dirty look.

She is fully aware that she's not allowed in the room but she carries on chancing her paw. Madam. Any other cheeky cats out there?

1Catherine1 Fri 10-Jun-11 02:08:08

Sounds like your cat loves your DS. Out of interest has your female cat ever had a litter of kittens?

I constantly endeavour to keep my eldest girl away from my DD's stuff. She is constantly getting into her cot, her carrycot (before she outgrew it), her bouncer and her car seat, albeit not when my DD is in them. She also knows she isn't allowed in them as we have had a few exchange of words over her being in them...

Me - Hattie, get out of there now!
Hattie - meooooow
Me - Hattie, now!
Hattie - meeeeeeeeeeow
{throws cloth in general direction, it misses}
Hattie - meeeeeeeeeeow
{picks up another and threatens to throw it, cat moves vocalising her dissatisfaction in the situation}

WriterofDreams Fri 10-Jun-11 07:25:42

Sounds really similar to my girl! She is completely determined to get into his room to sleep in his cot. Also if his blanket is on the floor or even a small piece of clothing she'll curl up and go to sleep on it. She hasn't had any kittens - do you think it's a mothering instinct? When he was younger she used to hover around him if he cried looking worried (while the boy cat ran away lol).

1Catherine1 Fri 10-Jun-11 11:06:44

I thought it was a maternal instinct. I saw a documentary on Animal planet about how older cats will often look after kittens of a younger cat - like a grandchild. I figured that's what my little girl was doing. She was a breeding cat before I got her (for 6 years) so she has had many litters before living with me (only the last 4 years) and she clearly understands that my baby is my kitten. She also appears when DD is crying to see what is wrong with her.

My other cat though who is also a girl but only 2.5 years old doesn't see things the same way. She originally looked at my DD as a toy and when we made it clear that she wasn't she has wanted nothing to do with her. If DD cries she leaves the room. That's why I asked if your cat had had a litter.

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