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Rescued a kitten - who now needs a home

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FoundaKitten Sun 29-May-11 16:29:29

Posted this first in AIBU, now copying here, sorry if I'm doing this wrong. Very flustered at unexpected kitten!

First time I've posted - I hope someone can help me!

To try and be brief - a few weeks ago I was walking to work and saw a kitten (6-8 weeks, far too young to be out on its own). Picked it up just as it was about to walk into the road and knocked on doors until I found where it lived, they didn't seem in the least bit bothered, or the fact that it was about to be hit by a car.

An hour ago, walking down the street again, same kitten this time actually in the road. Picked it up, this time the people were on their doorstep just watching their kitten about to be hit by a car (actually going out into ongoing traffic). I picked it up, they came over and said "Do you want it", they said it was theirs but they didn't want it anymore (so had clearly decided to let it get hit by a car to take it off their hands).

I had no choice but to take it home, couldn't leave it to die, but live in a small flat with cats already who will hate it (I've had to lock them in the kitchen for now). Does anyone want a very sweet kitten? I live in North London, and hoping someone can help - I've already phoned rescues but they are all full.

I'm fuming with the awful neighbours.

PhishFoodAddiction Sun 29-May-11 21:23:51

How awful, letting the kitten run out into the road to die. angry sad

I'm glad you've taken it in for now. I'm too far away to take it unfortunately.

Hopefully someone a bit wiser and more experienced than me will be along soon with some advice.

ExpatMummyInOz Mon 30-May-11 02:08:34

What a star you are for taking the kitten in - thank god there are people like you around as unfortunately there are a scary number of people around who just couldn't give a shit. Doesn't matter where in the world you live.

It's such a difficult time of year to find homes for kittens as there are just so many around, and all the rescues are overwhelmed with unwanted ones. Couple of things to try: some vets will take young kittens in for rehoming, so try calling around the vets in your area. They may also have a list of people looking for a kitten that they can put in touch with you.

If you are offering the kitten free to a good home, then pop a poster up in your local school, community centre and supermarket as there is bound to be people looking to adopt.

Unfortunately a lot of people 'adopt' on impulse so be prepared to 'suss' people out to make sure they are genuine and are prepared for responsibility, commitment and financial cost of taking on a kitten.

Hope you get something sorted out soon. In the meantime, I'd pop the kitten in a room on its own if possible, rather than shutting your own cats away.

BooyHoo Mon 30-May-11 02:17:47

those people were actually standing waiting to watch their kitten get killed???? shock

FoundaKitten Mon 30-May-11 14:11:49

Thanks for posting.

Just to give you an update, amazingly we managed to find him a home really quickly. He's now with a good friend of ours and seems very happy.

Yes - they seemed to think that since they didn't want him anymore it was acceptable to "let him go", onto incoming traffic. Makes me very very angry but the important thing is that the lovely lovely kitten is now safe and happy (and we get to visit him which is a bonus!).

Thanks all.

BooyHoo Mon 30-May-11 15:41:04

ahh, well done. i just can't udnerstand teh logic of some people!! how on earth can they live knowing teh fate they were sending that poor kitten off to??

PhishFoodAddiction Wed 01-Jun-11 12:00:07

That's brilliant news- glad the kitten has got a loving home and you'll get to go visit. It was a lovely thing you did.

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