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lost two cats in 18 months, but feeling the pull again.

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piratecat Wed 25-May-11 09:05:13

I have a cat, she isn't a person cat. She tolerated our first cat, but basically kept out of her way. That cat died of FELV, end of 2009. She was just over a yr old.

We got Pudding 2 weeks later, our resident cat, was a bit more happy with this one, they played and chased.

Pudd died on the road 6 weeks ago. I think our resident cat is unhappy, and misses Pudd. She's just not herself, and i wonder wether we could go for it again.

Maybe I am just missing Pudd. I am now wary of the road, but I know Pudd didnt go out there. I have been told she was chased by local bully cat.

We've has awful bad luck, and i said that's it, never again, but my heart feels differently. I saw a piece on the local news, and the Blue cross are crying out for homes. I feel tho, that the road could end up taking another.

We were home checked for our first puss who died and they didn't comment on the road. It's not too busy, it's a small country town, but as i have learnt, it's there and it can kill.

Is it better to give another little friend a chance or would i be cruel.

The house feels empty and we are all depressed, including the non friendly cat, who i am not naming on purpose becuase of outing myself.

piratecat Wed 25-May-11 17:54:21


EightiesChick Fri 15-Jul-11 08:04:36

I know this is not a very recent thread but responding anyway - I would go for another cat. The road may be a danger but there always will be dangers. You could think about how to minimise that (as I'm sure you have). But the counter is the prospect of giving another cat a good loving home and giving all of you in the house someone to love. Don't know where you are with this decision now but hope it's worked out.

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