Who else bought the new tesco luxury cat food 49% meat pouches...

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LaWeasel Thu 12-May-11 17:08:33

because I'm feeling like a complete idiot right now!

He has never been fussed at being served up the 8 or even 4% meat stuff - and it's usually hard to find anything higher than that here, so thought 49% was awesome.

It looks like foam. envy <- not an envious face. In fact it looks very much like the reconstituted blended chicken for chicken nuggets Jamie made when he was doing school dinners.

The cat will not eat it.

TastesLikePanda Thu 12-May-11 18:42:21

Haven't bought those, but did treat my boys to a tin of Sheba each for their birthday blush [crazycatlady]

They sniffed it and ran away.

Lild own brand on the other hand - they actually scrapped over...

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 12-May-11 19:53:21

Try aldi premium pouches, £3 for 12 cat loves em and no cereal

QuietTiger Tue 17-May-11 10:58:43

Problem with the cheaper brands of cat food, is that there is a very high cereal content along with numerous additives which actually does make the food a little addictive to the cats eating it. (Thing kids always being fed MacDonalds and then being asked to eat a healthy meal wink). Cats also get used to one brand of catfood too and will often not switch.

Try Butchers classic cat. You may well be able to get it in Tescos, it is actually at the cheaper end of the range and is very good food in that it has no added cereal, additives or Soya. The only problem is, it is very strong smelling and cats either love it or hate it.

Havingkittens Tue 17-May-11 16:52:43

You want to try being me...

My cat is on renal diet for kidney disease since Feb. 12 pouches cost £8.99 but slightly cheaper if bought in bulk on the internet. Biscuits £30-35 for 4-5kg bags, same applies about buying on internet. I give him a combination of both as the wet food alone will bankrupt me but he needs some moisture in his diet as he already drinks like a fish (funny expression as I don't actually think fish drink, as such, but I digress).

Cat started to get bored towards the end of the last order so I decided to try the other brand of kidney diet food. Spent £60. Cat on hunger strike because he doesn't like the new stuff. Just had to spend another £50 getting the original brand as the cat is putting on his sad face and won't eat. If he wasn't on the special diet I'd be inclined to sit it out and see who breaks first but if he's not eating here he would likely be eating other neighbouring cats' food and that will cause more kidney damage so I had to give in. FFS!

Before he was on this diet I was giving him Hi-Life Potty About Fish, which is about 60% real fish. Quite good I thought. No cereals or bulking agents and no mention of "animal derivatives" (WTF?). Not cheap, but certainly cheaper than what I'm giving him now. Sheba's first ingredient on the list is 4% meat and animal derivatives. Whooohooo! Lucky cat! And that's supposed to be premium brand. Shiiiiiit!

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