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Help needed for my old girl.

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larakitten Tue 21-Dec-10 16:24:08

Hi all, my cat is really not well today and wondered if anyone had ever experienced the same? Before i get flamed, I should add that I have a vets appt booked for 6.20pm this evening.....

Basically, last night she was unwilling/unable to get her hind legs into the litter tray and as a result piddled all over the floor. Ditto this morning, also accompanied by her falling off the kitchen counter before she went outside as normal.

I took her in at about 2pm this afternoon, she was very very unwilling to walk the short distance from the shed she was sleeping in to the house, and when she eventually came in she walked very slowly indeed, with her head hanging down.

I've observed her this afternoon, and she is staggering, and really quite uninterested in moving or anything really. She also seems to be rocking slightly when she is sitting up.

I'm sorry for the long post, but I'm so worried about her. She's nearly 10, so not a spring chicken and in good health bar a recent episode of cystitis.

I don't think it looks good to be honest, just patiently waiting for DH to get home before we whisk her off to the vet sad

LadyBiscuit Tue 21-Dec-10 16:46:17

Oh dear. I don't have any advice but just wanted to say that I'm sorry. It doesn't sound very good

foxtrottango Tue 21-Dec-10 17:02:29

It does sound horrible for you to have to see, must be very upsetting. I hope its nothing serious. I had something similar with 2 young cats a couple of years ago, it was most odd as they both seemed to get it at the same time. They couldnt jump or walk properly and their back legs seemed to have stopped working. I was past myself. I thought that it must be something really serious. I took them to the vet and they had both caught a cold which had given them sore and aching joints without any other 'coldy' symptoms iyswim.

It doesnt sound good but I really hope its something as easy to fix as mine was. I hope your cat is ok.

larakitten Wed 22-Dec-10 14:08:23

Well, this morning we have a tentative diagnosis, cholangiohepatitis. Basically inflammation/infection of the liver and bile duct. She's on appropriate meds and staying with the vet today. Touch and go for the next 24 hours but if she makes it through that then hopefully she'll be ok sad

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