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Cat outside in this weather

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Jux Mon 29-Nov-10 19:37:18

OK I think I'm guilt-tripping myself, but hey ho.

We had two cats, a 4yo neutered male and an 18mo spayed female. Yesterday we got a 10wo female kitten from CPL. Our male is being very 'old professor with strange student' towards her, but our female is freaked out and keeps running away! (Yes, it's funny, it really is, though I feel sorry for her too). Normally, I wouldn't worry much as I know they'll shake down fine given time.

What's bothering me is that in this weather the poor freaked out thing has spent all day outside. She came in for supper at 6ish, but caught a glimpse of young interloper and dashed out again. Haven't seen her since.

We don't have snow on the ground, though we have ice from a small snow fall last week. It's very cold.

Tell me I'm being silly. She's a fit, healthy animal with a nice thick coat and has filled out a bit in time for winter so she's fine really. Isn't she? blush

sharbie Mon 29-Nov-10 19:42:27

yes 2 of mine sleep out all year round - they don't want to come in at night.

scurryfunge Mon 29-Nov-10 19:45:10

She will be fine and will come back when ready. Keep feeding her and perhaps put a box and blanket in a shed or garage for her if you can.

ClaireDeLoon Mon 29-Nov-10 19:51:14

I agree she'll be fine, she'll probably come in later if she's used to being in at night. Have you got some shelter outside if she does stay out? One of my cats often prefers the outdoors but I know he can shelter under the raised decking if he chooses too.

Jux Mon 29-Nov-10 20:19:09

I'm sure she'll find somewhere if it's that bad, but there's a cat flap anyway, and no snow forecast here for tonight. DD is taking kitten upstairs now and will shut her into the bedroom with litter tray, food and water. If errant cat ventures indoors, kitten won't be anywhere to be found!

Thanks for calming me. I just feel so guilty at putting her nose out of joint and can almost hear her on the psych's couch "and in this weather too!!!!".grin

ChickFlit Mon 29-Nov-10 20:23:37

Until last year both of mine lived outside all year round, they used to have a bed in the shed (they preferred it that way) but the last couple of winters as they're getting older (17 and 15) they come in the house from about 9.00 and now have their own special kitty settee in the dining room grin

Jux Mon 29-Nov-10 20:28:03

But she's not used to it, and she's only young waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh (I want a throw my toys out of the pram emoticon).

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