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cats still not getting along

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myermay Sat 27-Nov-10 13:40:58

we have a 2.5 year old male who is so placid but nervous of everything, sudden noises, tin foil etc etc - i think someone has either hurt him or frightened him with something load. Anyway, we got a little kitten 7 wks ago, and to start with the kitten just wanted to be close to my older cat but he would not have it so used to hiss,growl. Fast forward 9 wks, they are still not getting along, the kitten is a girl if that makes a difference? she's always jumping all over him, antagonizing him and i'm guessing just wanting to play. I feel so sorry for the older cat, he hates coming in and is always on edge and looking over is shoulde. He does put her in her place but it makes absoloutly NO difference and the kitten just keeps going back for more. I try to seperate them as much as i can, so that he can at least sleep in peace but i'm at my wits end with it.

The vet told me that some cats just never get on and i'm hoping that once she starts going outside in January that things will get easier as i can just put one of them out whilst the other stays in.

Does anyone have any advice, i really don't want to rehome her but on the other hand feel so bad for my older cat.

marriedandlookingforcake Sat 27-Nov-10 14:13:51

It's taken 6 months for my older cat ( he's 3 )to get anywhere near accepting my kitten, but I can understand why. Bloody kitten would pounce on him every time he turned his back, he's been a little sod.
It's calming down a bit now, number one cat still growls and hisses a bit, but the colder weather is encouraging him to stay inside more now. I was worried about him leaving home in the summer.
DH has threatened to get me another kitten for Christmas, as a joke, because it's been a nightmare really, one cat upstairs, one down, keeping doors shut, swapping them over.........

myermay Sat 27-Nov-10 19:05:12

ok thanks that has made me feel a bit better

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