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russell is missing :-(

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booyhoo Thu 18-Nov-10 00:10:37

he went out yesterday evening and hasn't come back. we have terrible weather here so i am hoping someone has taken him in but i can't help thinking something awful has happened. i asked the neighbours today and nobody has seen him. and to top it all off, skippy has just pissed on my bedroom curtains after i put her in the litter box. i want things back to normal. i need russy back.

1Catherine1 Fri 19-Nov-10 10:12:28

Has your cat come home yet? It is quite common for them to disappear for long periods especially if they aren't neutered. After 24 hours I tend to get the posters out and start placing them around everywhere. The sooner you do it the more chance you have of getting him back. You wouldn't want another family to get attached to him and then find out he has another home.

It is also worth knowing that cats are known to keep more than one home. They are independent creatures who will move in with anyone who lets them. Cats that don't wear collars can often be mistaken for strays that other families will take in. I know my youngest tried to keep 2 homes for a while until one day the woman who she had moved in with phoned me (number on collar) and asked if I'd moved and left this little one behind. She was disappointed when she realized I only lived 2 streets over. Apparently she'd been visiting, being fed and sleeping on her sofa for a week. I just thought she'd been out playing all day.

booyhoo Sat 20-Nov-10 01:19:32

yes he came home yesterday evening, thank goodness. i didn't post as no-one had posted so saw no point in bumping. he looked very happy and healthy so i think someone must have taken him in to wait out the storm. he is neutered but i can't keep collars on him. he gets them all off within a few weeks. my two both seem to be nocturnal creatures. tehy snooze all day long on my bed but come evening time they are both itching to go out. i don't understand it. teh day is a far nicer time to be outside. but i am just glad he is back safe and well.

bubbles4 Sat 20-Nov-10 01:22:03

Mine will only go out in the day if it is dry outside but come evening time will go out no matter what the weather.Glad yours is home safe and sound.

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