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Urine Infection?

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midori1999 Tue 16-Nov-10 23:30:53

I think one of my cats may have a urine infection, but I have no experience of them.

She is an indoor cat and litter trained, but she is very fussy about the tray being kept clean and will not use it if there is any wee or poo in it, so sometimes she will wee in the bath or shower tray if we've been out. However, there have been lots of wees in the bath and shower tray in the last day or so and then this evening we are pretty sure she squatted and wee'd on the rug in the living room (couldn't feel any wet there) and then she sqautted next to DH on our sofa (leather) and there was a tiny puddle of wee left.

She is also mewing quite a bit, like she does if the foods run out, but she's not hungry.

I am ringing the vets in the morning. Will they need a urine sample?

beautifulgirls Wed 17-Nov-10 20:27:42

If you can get a urine sample it will help, but can be hard with cats. Your vet may however be able to take a sample directly from the bladder at your appointment if she has enough urine in there, or can provide you with a non-absorbant litter to use at home that allows you the chance to collect a sample to drop in to them.

Good luck at the vets.

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