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getting new floor laid (it will take 3 days) what do I do with my kitties??

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simpson Mon 15-Nov-10 20:21:05


I have two 6mth old female kitties one of which is very nervous sad although fine with me smile

I am getting a new floor laid early Dec which will take 3 days to do and I am worried about how my kitties will handle it.

There will be the old carpet ripped out and furniture/kitchen appliances moved about etc so basically quite a bit of disruption.

WWYD in my situation to avoid them getting as stressed as I think they might sad ??

Is a cattery the best option and how much would they charge roughly for 3 days?


ClaireDeLoon Tue 16-Nov-10 07:48:03

It sounds like a cattery might be best with a cat so nervy, rather than them get stressed and go into hiding. It's what I'd do in your position.

A cattery will be £6-8 per day but probably give you a discount of a pound or 2 for two cats sharing.

Ring around a few in your area and go visit make sure you're happy with the facilities and the condition of the pens (e.g. do the litter trays look clean, will they be warm enough etc.). Bear in mind there will normally be drop off/pick up times say 10-12 and 4-6 so plan around that.

ClaireDeLoon Tue 16-Nov-10 07:50:21

Sorry meant to say, if you don't go with a cattery I'd confine them to one room with litter tray, food, water, toys and a plug in feliway diffuser.

simpson Tue 16-Nov-10 10:36:42

claire - thanks for that smile

TBH I think it going to have to be a cattery as its not really possible to shut them in one room due to lay out of house and work thats being done.

Sorry to hear about your cat, I saw it on the other thread sad

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