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Help! My new cat is a farter!

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Ripeberry Fri 05-Nov-10 17:28:37

And it can be constant. Pity as he is a very friendly cat and loves to sit on our laps, but as soon as he relaxes, he does the deed and we spend most of our time holding our noses or chucking him off us sad

He is a rescue cat and I'm wondering if this is the reason he was left behind when his owners got evicted and took 4 of their other cats with them sad

He eats IAMS dry food, but the stink is making me want him to stay outside.

1Catherine1 Fri 05-Nov-10 22:20:04

Take him to the vets to check if there is a medical issue but for now I would change his diet to food for more sensitive stomachs. Put him on chicken and rice cat food or make it yourself. I fed my cat chicken and rice sensitivity control for 2 years while she struggled with a sensitive stomach (I got the all clear from my vet first but he said at very least it wouldn't do her any harm)

misdee Fri 05-Nov-10 22:24:01

has he been wormed? as read this can cause stinky farty cats

mablemurple Fri 05-Nov-10 22:30:09

definitely can be due to worms.

earwicga Fri 05-Nov-10 22:59:26

My sister has put her cat onto fish only. It has made a massive difference.

What's the chicken and rice cat food Catherine?

1Catherine1 Sat 06-Nov-10 03:52:54

Just checked and remembered that Royal Canin no longer do the one I used to buy but they still do these two which I occasionally used to get:
Duck wet food
Chicken dry food

My little girl used to suffer with diarrhoea if I fed her anything but this. As a result she stunk my house out and used to eat lots and lots a day. My vet said that was understandable since her body was obviously not able to digest normal food properly and it was probably just going straight through her. Anyway, I swapped her diet to this and within 2 days the diarrhoea stopped and she was no longer a constant smelly cat. She was on this food constantly for about 2 years but she seems to be able to handle normal food again now. Disadvantage of this food is it is dam expensive! But they do eat less of it than normal cat food because it isn't all gravy or jelly like some foods.

Ripeberry Sun 07-Nov-10 11:04:32

Thanks for your replies. I'll get him wormed and see if that helps. Come to think of it they did not say if he had been wormed only that he had been flea treated hmm

southeastastra Sun 07-Nov-10 11:06:03

someone had this problem on 'my pet has an embarassing problem' tv show. often repeated.

frostyfingers Wed 10-Nov-10 12:34:31

Ours farts if you pick him up when he doesn't want to be. It's very effective!

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