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Can anyone suggest anything for odour control?

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TitsalinaBumPumpkin Tue 19-Oct-10 07:54:49

My Cat is an indoor Cat and she has a littler box with a lid, the smell is really beginning to get us down though!
Obviously i know she has to poo somewhere and im very grateful that's she always uses the box.
I change it every other day and scoop out poo every time she goes but out flat is tiny and the whole place smells like the litter box.

Does anyone have any suggestions on odour control, a certain brand of Litter stuff maybe?

The Vet suggested changing her diet to a 'complete' dry food but that just makes her wee ten times more so the flat then ends up stinking of Cat wee instead and tbh she doesn't really like dry food anyway.

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NothereisnobodylurkingbehindU Tue 19-Oct-10 08:11:14

I like the woodbase litter - what do you use now?

TitsalinaBumPumpkin Tue 19-Oct-10 13:22:32

I currently use the Antibacterial Tesco one.

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HonestyBox Tue 19-Oct-10 19:00:48

I like the wood pellet litter too - it doesn't soak up poo smell but tbh nothing will - it is just a case of getting to the poos quickly and whipping them out of there. V. cheap too - massive bags at pets at home for small pennies. With the wood pellet stuff it does actually smell quite pleasant and you can go a week without it really whiffing and needing to change the whole tray. I hated the clumping stuff - so heavy and always having to scoop out wees as well as poos - scraping solid 'wees' off the tray, eurgh. I also didn't rate the Catsan - didn't think it was any good for soaking up smell of either wee or poo and difficult to see when it is dirty. Where are you keeping the used litter and poos? There is this thing called 'litter locker' I've heard it is fab - a kind of sealed bin for used litter, I haven't used it myself but when my cat was indoor only I would have considered getting one. It is expensive though - natch.

LittlebearH Sun 24-Oct-10 17:59:06

Best one by miles is Sainsburys ultra clumping litter. 5L lasts a week and no smells from the wees as you just scoop it out in one lump. All that is left behind is clean litter.

Have tries ALL varities over the years as have had numerous Persian cats who were reluctant to go outside.

MrsSchadenfreude Sun 24-Oct-10 21:51:25

We have one which I think is a gel type litter. It looks like big salt crystals with blue bits in. As long as you hoof out the poo, and give the litter a bit of a stir round, it absolutely does not smell and lasts for around 3 weeks before you need to change it. It absorbs all the liquid as well, so there is no damp bottom to the tray or liner.

Christina92 Tue 10-Sep-19 12:04:56

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