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Advice for the uninitiated - boiling water quick?

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WellThisIsShit Tue 23-May-17 19:18:52

So, going camping on Thursday with my little boy. It's his dream come true. So, we're doing it!

Its a massively big deal for me as I'm... not exactly an out doorsy type. I'm disabled and to be honest, it's so far beyond my physical capabilities it's untrue. But... I can't wait to see DS, he smiles with his whole body, worth it, totally.

Anyway, I was under the impression that I'd have access to a plug socket within meters of our tent. Turns out, not true (argh!), so amongst other things I'm trying to work out is how I can heat water for hot water bottles??? Body crap at regulating temperature, plus get loads of injuries, so use a lot of heat & ice, so rather important.

Anyway, what's the best way to heat water whilst camping? Any kind of stove thingy I can buy quick?

Thanks for advice...

C4pinkwheels Tue 23-May-17 19:40:36

Buy a gas camping stove and kettle but most of all thermal clothing and good quality sleeping bag. I'm disabled too and a happy camper. Enjoy

AWaspOnAWindowInAHeatwave Tue 23-May-17 21:54:39

I find a bit of salt added to the water gets it boiling quickly. Also keeping the lid on the pan/kettle while you heat it. If you can borrow a Jetboil these are amazing for heating up to approx 500ml of water really, really fast.

Ice - take a camping fridge (can you borrow one?) they plug into your car cigarette lighter socket but stay cold for a good day or two even when not plugged in as long as you keep the lid closed wherever possible. Buy some of those cool-box ice packs (various sizes for a couple of quid in BM or similar), freeze them at home before you set off and wrap a tea towel round them to use them as ice packs. Pack the fridge with cold cans of drink (again, pre-chilled in the fridge at home) to keep it really cold.

If you're prone to injuries a head torch may be useful to keep your hands free whilst you negotiate the campsite (rocks, twigs, tent pegs and ropes etc) in the dark. Doesn't have to be an expensive one, the pound shop ones are ok for a few days' use.

I hope you both enjoy your camping tripsmile

WellThisIsShit Fri 26-May-17 01:19:37

Thank you! We've travelled today and are staying over before camping tomorrow onwards smile

Have been Amazon-ing, and there's a camp shop here so will go tomorrow to get anything missing. I think the camp 'stove' is too basic, it's not even really a stove, butane with a little frame to balance a pan on.

Definitely the wrong weather for ice as it's so SO hot! Everything is melting, including me...

I know I said it's all for DS, but I admit I'm really excited grin

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