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Looking for other anoraks

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lilacdays Mon 01-Feb-16 16:39:37

Hoping this doesn't sound too odd! I have a family who loves the outdoors, but whilst we have a group of like-minded friends with children the same age as my DD (13), we haven't met any families with sons the same age as my DS (11) who like getting wet and muddy. We do lots of camping trips, walks and bike rides as a large group, but my DS would love to have someone his own age to join us. We live in a small town and have met lots of families via Scouts, school and various groups. We get on well with lots of other parents and children, but not many seem to be into outdoor stuff. Where could we look for other anoraks? My DS starts secondary school next year so will meet new friends, but it's harder to get to know other parents than when they're at primary school.

Quoteunquote Mon 01-Feb-16 17:13:48

Find you nearest climbing club, and all (you need to do a couple of lessons at least to learn to belay)of you start your NICAS, you will soon be invited to join the outdoor clubs, and no end of fun.

It's a really great set of qualification you work through at your own pace, first three quite fast, doesn't matter how scared of heights you are, everyone becomes successful with persistence.

Climbing is one of the most amazing life changing experience , they learn to conquer being outside their comfort zone, children notice their own progress each time they climb, it's a massive confidence booster, and keeps them very busy as teens in great environments, it's also a sport that they will continue throughout their lives. good link for finding out whats going on near you.

lljkk Mon 01-Feb-16 17:46:55

Get into cyclo-X. Big crowds of people who enjoy muddy cycling.

lilacdays Mon 01-Feb-16 19:32:22

Thank you, Quoteunquote, funnily enough we were talking about climbing today. My DH and I have done a basic course and my DS loves climbing. We've done inside more than out and haven't tried a club - great suggestion!

lilacdays Mon 01-Feb-16 19:33:38

Thanks, lljkk, I hadn't heard of it before but will check out the website!

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