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Calling all Montana 6 owners - advice needed

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StandoutMop Sat 25-Jul-15 19:10:27

We need a new tent and are seriously considering the Montana 6P, plus front awning. Without awning is sensible for weekends (do 3-4 per year), but awning would give plenty of extra space for planned 2 week trip.

But, here's the thing, we have 3 DC (age 9, 7 & 5) and would rather be in a separate tent bedroom pod to them. Montana has two 180cm rooms, is 180cm too small for 3 children?

How many do you sleep in yours, and do you think it could do 5 comfortably?

We've seen other tents with more sleeping space but they feel too big for weekend camps. Driving ourselves mad and need to choose as trip in 2 weeks and (very) old faithful dome tent has finally given up. Help, please!

StandoutMop Sat 25-Jul-15 21:35:46

Hopeful bump. I told dh not to register on UK Camping as MN would know. Don't fail me now...

annandale Sat 25-Jul-15 21:43:05

It's an absolutely great tent, we love ours, but we only have one child. It's OK to be in the same end as him as I think he would get nervous otherwise so would I but most of my friends with more than one child have gone for tents with bedrooms at opposite ends.

The big pluses for us were the solid feel of it, and that dh (6' 4") can stand up in it.

One downside - we never managed to get it back into the bag - ended up buying two packing straps and just putting those around it instead, I have just chucked out the bag. Two pieces of advice - make sure everyone who is involved with putting the tent up watches a video on how to do it, and take note of the fact that it is impossible to get the poles into the ring/pin things unless you loosen the straps on one side.

StandoutMop Sat 25-Jul-15 21:55:00

Thank you.

We really like the tunnel style - borrowed a tent with rooms at opposite ends but living space in the middle felt too enclosed somehow.

Montana would be perfect if rooms were 150 / 210 split but they aren't. Guess if we buy and 180 is too small for 3 DC we can use as one big room (I think?).

Sockmatcher Sat 25-Jul-15 22:00:17

If you are already wondering if too small then it probably is.
Have you considered a kyham?

Jellylorum Sat 25-Jul-15 22:02:15

I think you'd find it too small. Have you looked at the outwell Vermont xlp? It had three sleeping compartments, is wider than the Montana and would offer you more flexibility.

HettyD Sat 25-Jul-15 22:05:46

Hi, if you can get your hands on an Idaho xl the bedrooms are each side and bigger, nylon so lighter and easy to pitch - our wolf lake had 3 bedrooms but was amazing but huge and heavy for weekends. How old are the kids? My 10yr old is hoping to have his own tent next year and we may well down size at that point...

StandoutMop Sat 25-Jul-15 22:09:36

We considered the Vermont LP (2014 model) but worried its too big / overkill for short trips, or that it is too long for standard site pitches - at least the Montana plus extension would leave us with a smaller tent if needed.

All too confusing.

annandale Sat 25-Jul-15 22:27:32

We use the bedrooms as one big room. I think with your kids at their current ages it would probably be just about OK but it wouldn't last that long.

We put it up for a weekend recently and ds spent the whole time in a tent with a friend leaving us with a mansion to ourselves - poor old us grin

I have to say that if I were looking again now I would lean strongly towards an inflatable tent, I might even go for a Vango again despite the many flaws of our small old (much loved) tent which was a Vango. The Vango Centara 800 looks kind of amazing.

alexw Sat 25-Jul-15 22:29:35

Have 6p and front extension. Think pod would be too small for 3 in together - I have 2 dds in one and there is not much spare room. Also the front awning thing is much smaller than it looks. Great for shielding stove from too high winds/rain but not really extra space for living. I do love our tent, but am trying to be objective and honest.

StandoutMop Sat 25-Jul-15 22:51:27

Thanks all. Think will have to accept Montana is too small and look again.

Vermont LP probably new front runner. Maybe we should look at air tents though, haven't done it yet as prefer poles for some reason

Mostly I'm surprised no one has told me to get a bell tent / soul pad though grin

LB2908 Wed 05-Aug-15 16:05:33

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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