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Bank Holiday Games Event

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firehazard Tue 23-Jun-15 17:36:57

Hi, I work for a street games company and we usually run the events for adults. Recently we have been getting a lot of requests to run versions of our games for children. These are mostly in London however we have ran them all over the world and 5 different cities in the UK. The game lasts 90 minutes. I have some questions that I could really use your help with:

1. If we ran the game on bank holiday 30th August at 10am, would that put you off as there are so many other events available to choose from and prefer it to be early September instead, or would you welcome the extra option.

2. We usually charge £10-£20 per person for a standard game and £35 for a theatrical one. How much would you expect to pay for you and your children?
Teams are 2-4 people usually. We may allow 5 or 6 if our playtest for children goes well.

3. We want there to be at least one adult per team. Would you prefer to buy tickets as a whole team that is one price, regardless of how many people are in the team, or would you prefer to buy them as individuals.
How much?

The other option is to sell a team ticket that is for two people (one adult plus one child) then a set price for each extra person.

The guidance for the game is to be ages 8+, how does that sound? It will be based around finding monsters in the real world (monsters inc style ones) and gathering the evidence as codes, to keep the monster sanctuary open. You will need at least one working smartphone for the web page to run on and the theatrical side of things will be of a high level.

We really want to offer a great experience to everyone, as well as it being financially viable to run, along with easy for parents to do and fair on everyone involved. Hope you guys can help steer us smile

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