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Hikers of the world unite! :D

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SirRaymondClench Sun 16-Mar-14 13:43:08

This can be our thread!

SirRaymondClench Sun 16-Mar-14 13:48:48

DSS had went to a party paintballing this morning and had no suitable footwear, as he has the same size feet as me he was eyeing up my cheap hiking boots so I let him have those (generous) and took the chance to go buy myself some Brasher Hillwalkers. They are so lovely!!
DH and I were buzzing last night after our hike and decided our initial goal was to be the Yorkshire 3 peaks. So we are working towards that.
I know it's not all about that but I suppose it gives us something to aim for.

ChasingDogs Sun 16-Mar-14 13:54:36

Whoop whoop a thread grin

Sensible lad, your DSS. I once went paintballing in a pair of New Rocks. I tripped and was very nearly shot down by enemy forces. Never again!

I've never done the Yorkshire 3 peaks. I should really, being in Yorkshire and all. Are you doing them all in one go, or splitting it them up?

SirRaymondClench Sun 16-Mar-14 14:43:10

I think we are aiming to do them in one day but I am being very ambitious I think! grin We will have to build up to that one so lots of my 5 mile yomps through the week and then planning longer hikes on the rare weekends we don't have the DC.
Having just seen the welts on my DSS I think I will give paint balling a miss I am a wuss
Where are you in Yorkshire?

Joules68 Sun 16-Mar-14 14:45:28

I want to do Yorkshire 3 peaks! Looks perfect

Did national 3 peaks last year and loved it. Want to do then all again seperately. So we are doing snowdon as a family in july

SirRaymondClench Sun 16-Mar-14 14:50:02

Did you do the National 3 peaks in one day Joules?
Either way I bow down to you!!
My parents have a holiday chalet just next to Snowdon and I realised last night that we can go and hike up there (it never occurred to me before)

cheminotte Sun 16-Mar-14 14:54:24

Hello can I join? DP and I like to go walking without the dc a few times a year and are starting to take them on little local walks. They are 3 and 6. What sort of distances at what ages can we expect from them?

SirRaymondClench Sun 16-Mar-14 15:11:47

Chemin of course you can!!

I'm very new to this hiking malarkey! Hopefully someone will be along who can answer your question

ChasingDogs Sun 16-Mar-14 15:31:57

Ah go on Sir you'll easy get it done in one day! Just remember to march on up them hills! grin Although splitting it over two might be fun... More time to take in the views plus a night of wild camping (sausages on the camp stove for dinner and early coffee on the hills for breakfast. Mmm).

I'm SW Sheffield area. I'll try and figure out how to put pics on of the moors near me. They're in walking distance so very lucky to live here (particularly as I was a week away from being homeless last year. Didn't even have a bloody car to sleep in lol) and have been in this area for a few years, so the closest routes are quite familiar.

Chemin I don't have kids myself but at 6 can remember doing almost full day walks (so at kids pace, perhaps 6 miles or thereabouts?) quite easily. Especially if Mum was carrying my coat and juice! Not sure about 3 though. Perhaps plan a short circular route or around 3-5 miles to see how you get on? I'd imagine you wouldn't want to be too far from home/car if the 3 year old gets tired and wants a piggy back towards the end. Could you plan a nice flat route with maybe benches/a picnic area and take plenty of juice and flapjack in case they start to lag a little?

ChasingDogs Sun 16-Mar-14 15:35:45

Thinking back, I imagine a mile to a kid is the same as a "dog's mile"... in that they do that much zig-zagging and racing around they cover three times the distance of the boring adults (who we all know are only there to carry coats and juice, which otherwise might impede the racing around over rocks etc.,)

Joules68 Sun 16-Mar-14 17:05:54

Yes we did the 3 peaks in 28 hours and 6 mins!

Started with Ben Nevis, loved that mountain. Didn't enjoy scafell pike much as I was tired it was raining and it was 5.30 am! Snowdon was very enjoyable tho.

Girls at bootcamp are doing part of hadrians wall this year ( I don't fancy it)

cheminotte Sun 16-Mar-14 18:57:29

Thanks.My name isn't usually shortened to Chemin but its very appropriate for this thread! We did go for a walk when we were in the Pyrenees last summer and ds1 just 6 did really well. But ds2 was still mostly in the buggy. They do enjoy the great outdoors but has mostly been with them on bikes (first balance and now proper ones) and us walking. They are happy to go 5 miles or so like that. But would love to go on proper walking holiday in Alps for example, taking lifts up and walking down.

Doyouthinktheysaurus Sun 16-Mar-14 19:08:54

We climbed Ingleborough and Pen Y Ghent last year, not on the same day mind! We live nowhere near the Dales but loved the area so much we are going back this year to do some more walking.

We live very near the South Downs and try to get out walking with the 9 and 11 year old dses at the weekend. I love being out in the countryside and as the dses get older and stronger it's so much easier.

We have a week booked in the Peak District in May and then our main holiday is Northern lakes for a week followed by the Dales for a week. Purely for the walking!

When we came down from Pen Y Ghent last year we passed a couple climbing up with a toddler each on their back, twins I assumedgrin We also passed a family with a tiny baby climbing up toward Ingleborough as we came down! We didn't start walking decent distance with our boys until ds2 was just turned 8. We climbed Snowdon up the Pyg path and completely got the bug. By the end of that holiday we did a couple of 8-9 mile walks without too much cajoling!

cheminotte Sun 16-Mar-14 19:23:05

Thanks Doyouthink . Yes it was certainly easier when baby was in sling and later rucksack!

Joules68 Sun 16-Mar-14 19:50:12

Going up Ben Nevis, just before the halfway point a lady coming down passed us. An Indian lady in a top like a sari but with jeans and dolly shoes on!! Clutching her handbag. We were shock

SirRaymondClench Sun 16-Mar-14 20:28:48

I'm totally in awe of anyone who walks/hikes with DC in tow particularly any long hikes!! Ours just refuse to do it! sad
Chasing I am in Wakefield so not far from Sheffield. It's beautiful round there! You're very lucky!
Joules You must have been knackered by the end of that!! Did you do it for charity or a personal challenge? I would defo have to leave the mapping out to DH because he has the sense of direction of a mountain goat whereas I would be the one wandering about lost, crying, blowing my whistle whilst munching on Kendal mint cake! grin
Chemin I'm half French so just saw the chemin bit of your name and thought it was spot on for this thread! It must have been hard going pushing a buggy around if the goings a bit rough!
Doyou I think it's great you are getting so many walking holidays especially with DC in tow.

Bproud Sun 16-Mar-14 20:34:10

Great - well done for setting up this thread SirRay
I have just booked 3 nights in a youth hostel in the cotswolds for some walking, in May - I can't wait!

cheminotte Sun 16-Mar-14 21:06:42

Snap Sir so am I!

Letsgoforawalk Sun 16-Mar-14 21:56:18

Well done sir ray on the thread. Here we are then. On the subject of children and distance, it is more about motivation and interest than distance at those ages, get the fuelling and interest right and they will potter along for hours. Point them uphill on a straight path with no stops til lunchtime and you may well put them off forever. Let them dither about in the ditch, that's the fun bit to them!
Perhaps best not to take my advice on this though as one of mine thinks "walk" is a dirty word and goes into a complete decline at the prospect. And they are all different.
My weekend has been more bike ride and tree climbing (go ape) than walking, fun though and more active than usual.
What are our walking ambitions? Someone mentioned Yorkshire three peaks, I harbour a fantasy of doing Wainwrights coast to Coast.

CQ Sun 16-Mar-14 22:05:10

Thanks for the thread SirRay - please forgive typos as I have just sliced the top off a finger on the veg mandolin so typing with one finger stuck up in the air like a scorpion's tail - as a fast touch-typer it's REALLY hard not to use it!

I'm hoping to walk the West Hughland Way in the summer - with DH and a 13 & 15 yr old hmm Buit we're doing it with another family with same aged kids so hoping they'll all jolly each other along. Most worried about my DD who's the youngest and least sporty of them all. Seriously considering leaving her with Grandma, but I feel thats a cop out - I was made to do all manner of walks when I was a kid - its a rite of passage!

As training for that we are going to walk chunks of the Ridgway each weekend - that runs quite close to us. I have to plan the routes to incude a good Sunday lunch at a pub or there'll be a mutiny.

SirRaymondClench Mon 17-Mar-14 07:21:10

Letsgo It's Yorkshire 3 peaks for me, well that's the ambition at the moment!
CQ I have DC 8, 13 and 15 year old and I know for a fact that the 15 yo would make any hike a misery, the 13 yo would walk deliberately slowly (bitter past experience) and the 8 yo would probably love it but get tired too quickly (she has heart probs) so we thought it was best to hike on weekends when we don't have them. I am envy at families I see where the DC are happily involved, I think it's great!

Bproud Mon 17-Mar-14 07:38:43

I've done my 3 miles for today, it was lovely out, but still quite chilly.

Bproud Mon 17-Mar-14 07:41:08

Letsgo I am booked in for the coast2coast this summer, hence the early morning walking practice!

SirRaymondClench Mon 17-Mar-14 12:27:21

Good going Bproud! How far is coast2coast?

I did 5 miles this morning. I'm doing intermittent fasting at the moment so can only really yomp (I call my morning walks 'yomps' for some reason) on my 'feast' days. At this early stage for me it spares my feet too.

Bproud Mon 17-Mar-14 18:12:42

coast2coast is 190 miles over 2 weeks, approx 15 miles per day. Now I can walk 15 miles no problem, but every day for 2 weeks? I'm not so sure...

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