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Small patio outdoor play ideas for 4 year old

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OhMyTummyMummy Mon 08-Apr-13 21:16:26

Hi everyone.

We have just moved to a new place with a teeny weeny bit of outdoor space (I have lived in a flat for 20 years!).
It is about 5 metres by 5 metres and is currently decked with a little wall all the way around it.
I am going to put in a raised border with climbers to give us some privacy from the neighbours and some pots for colour, but I am struggling with ideas for the big "outdoor play" item for my 4 year old daughter (just her and me).
I had thought about a little playhouse with a platform and a slide, but honestly, the space is so tiny I don't think there would be room, plus we are lucky enough to have the park just down the road. She would love a trampoline, but that will be for next time as there's just not the space.

So i am thinking about getting someone to make a little outdoor kitchen or a shop or ideally something convertible... or a tiny wendyhouse that's not too ugly...or....I am hoping you will have suggestions! If you have any ideas or if you know where i can look to find some as i have spent hours on line but i am not getting anywhere fast.
I have worked so hard to get this place for us, I really want it to be special for my daughter. And after so many years in a flat, i am so looking forward to enjoying the space and I appreciate any ideas and suggestions you might have!

All the best

TallulahMcFey Sat 04-May-13 21:22:26

My kids have all loved Wendy houses and really got our money out of them. They can be v small but the only thing I would say is, don't buy too cheap and flimsy, particularly as for outside. I've always bought little tykes (but several as got big age gaps between children). You can buy a good condition second hand one for a similar price as cheap one and had good resale value after. I bought the log cabin (possibly too big for you) for £80 second hand recently in very good condition.

MaryQueenOfSpots Sat 04-May-13 21:31:16

I like, lots of possibilities

DeskPlanner Sun 05-May-13 14:49:50

Water/sand tables are always good.

gardeningmum Thu 09-May-13 17:51:44

How about some outdoor acrylic mirrors - these may make the space feel a bit largeer. Outdoor chalkboard are good optiond or buy some blackboard paint. If you have paving stones then you could chalk in hopscotch. A bag of pebbles which your daughter could stack and store would also be fun

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