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Moving to Charlton - Does Anyone Know Where all the Playgrounds are?

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MissLRoss Mon 08-Oct-12 21:50:39

Hi All, thinking of moving to Charlton and one of the major deciders on what street to buy on is where the swing parks are. I know there's the obvious Maryon Park and Charlton Park (plus another one further down which name escapes me) but does anyone know this area so well that they can pin point exact names of streets where there are play/swing parks suitable for 2 and up?

I find parks a life saver and also great for meeting new mums so this would be helpful!

Also, if anyone knows of any good playgroups that'd be good too.

Thanks a million, much appreciated XX

Trebletrouble Thu 11-Oct-12 13:17:59


I know the area, am overseas currently but am about to move back there!
Best streets are what estate agents call 'the slopes', nearer to Blackheath Standard. If you live there you can walk to Westcombe Park station, great buses to either Greenwich Blackheath or North Greenwich shops, cinema, jubilee line.
I could walk to East Greenwich Pleasuance Park in 15 mins with pram & preschooler. Best Park (IMHO) in the area as it has nice cafe, feels safe, swings, etc, trees to play around.
Also gardens, cafe& small library in Charlton House ate good for a morning out.
I used to go/help at Footprints (St Johns Church) playgroup for 0-3s. It's in Boys Brigade Hall, Reynolds Place, off Old Diver Road. Mondays 10-11.30 and afternoon session as well. Quite busy but loads of people to meet.
Hope that helps
Also a great children's sure start centre at Sherington School or Pound Park if you're looking down that way.

Proposedmcstooting Fri 19-Apr-13 07:56:13

The 'ever popular Charlton slopes' area in between the station and Blackheath is indeed pleasant. If you want to be right next to maryon wilson / maryon park + near charlton park you should consider heathwood/kinveachy gardens + woodland terrace where the houses are slightly bigger and there is a more 'airy' feel to the roads. 12 mins to walk to Charlton station, and convenient for Woolwich DLR and in time Crossrail

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