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MN Naturists?

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NakedNancy Fri 17-Aug-12 21:22:02

Just back from a week at a naturist campsite in France and the British number-plated cars everywhere got me wondering if there are any other naturist MNetters?

I remember reading that the British are keen naturists but it's never mentioned in the press. We live in a flat so no naked sunbathing in our garden for us - but we mostly spend our summer holidays at campsites in France. Any more of you out there, or am I a lone oddity?

NakedNancy Tue 21-Aug-12 20:38:45

Good job I name changed for this as I do appear to be a lone oddity grin

RaisinDEtre Tue 21-Aug-12 20:45:38


VivaLeBeaver Tue 21-Aug-12 21:02:11

I go naked on some beaches. I don't seek them out but have twice unintentionally (honestly) gone to nudist beaches. Once at studland and once at a tiny beach near lands end. Actually at studland I just went topless as I was worried about the lad working at the ice cream van!

I sunbath naked in the garden but were not overlooked.

NakedNancy Fri 24-Aug-12 19:40:43

Ooh, I'm not (entirely) alone! Very envy about your private garden Viva.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Fri 24-Aug-12 19:42:39

I am naturist curious and my local naturist group has a private island, but they wouldn't have me without DP sad

Lonelylou Fri 24-Aug-12 19:46:29

Good luck to anyone comfortable and proud enough to do it. I'm not.

Apparently there's a bloke who frequents Studland some people have nicknamed 'The Strimmer'!

NakedNancy Fri 24-Aug-12 20:06:24

That's odd Fine, what would happen if you were single?

Lou, I don't think pride comes into it? It's more the freedom to not have to worry about what anybody thinks of you. Although <snort> at "the Strimmer".

Lonelylou Fri 24-Aug-12 20:11:06

Can I swap the word proud with confident? Perhaps that's what I meant.

I often take my dog for a walk along the naturist area. If they don't mind my dog I don't mind if they're naked.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Fri 24-Aug-12 20:18:27

I think single is OK, they told me they had issues in the past with non-naturist partners shouting the odds and accusing them of all sorts.

Am in Scotland though so may have been a bit impractical anyway :-)

NakedNancy Fri 24-Aug-12 21:25:12

Ah, confidence! The thing is, once you're over the initial awkwardness you can see tat even the most prefect have their own imperfections. So for me at least it's quite reassuring (as well as more comfortable). And we don't mind dogs!

Scotland? Brrrr grin Their policy does seem a bit odd though.

drrock Tue 11-Aug-15 10:26:12

You are not alone, probably not so many on MN though as the views here tend to be more conservative (Victorien). Unfortunately most naturists are worried about negative, narrow minded reactions. After all the media always portrays naturists as either obscene or ridiculous. According to MORI polls about 1 in 100 Brits are naturists, and 90% or textiles say they are not offended by naturists.

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