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Talk to me about tents - large ones

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mumnosbest Sat 16-Jun-12 21:41:28

I'm looking for a tent or actually 2. A 5-6 man for me and the family and a larger 8-10 to share with extended family, must have sewn in groundsheets and a bit of height in the living area. We bought a really rubbish unknown brand last year so this time, I'm doing my research. However I am on a tight budget so looking for a bargain.
Any reccomendations?
Anyone used/have a 'Skanika'? They're really cheap on ebay.

IAmSherlocked Sat 16-Jun-12 21:44:11

Have never heard of Skanika. How tight is your budget exactly, to give us an idea of where to start looking?!

mumnosbest Sat 16-Jun-12 21:49:38

Budget is as tight as possible. I've been looking at second hand on ebay but would pay up to £100 for brand new dream tent but don't want to part with that much cash

treadonthecracks Sat 16-Jun-12 21:57:05

We had a skandika Scirocco 8 person, 3 bed, for about 4 years. It was a great tent for the money. We used it loads. Paid £120 on ebay I think.

It did blow over a couple of times in very bad weather conditions, 1 pole snapped, other tents were blowing over too. We learnt to pitch it head to the wind and use storm pegs.

After about 12 camping trips, 3 years use, it leaked during 48 hours of torrential rain. We re waterproofed it and it was fine. The newer ones are a much better waterproofing rating I think (ours was 2000).

We have upgraded now to an Outwell Bear lake tent, about 7 times the price but a fantastic tent. It will have to perform well to make the value for money we had from the skandika.

IAmSherlocked Sat 16-Jun-12 22:03:05

treadonthecracks - we have a Bear Lake 6 and love it. Really spacious and I love the canvas rather than the nylon. We got a good deal online but even that was expensive.

We have always found Outwell and Vango to be reliable makes.

mumnosbest Sun 17-Jun-12 17:35:41

Thanks all! The Skandika seems really cheap but I was worried about not having heard of it. Might be worth a look then. The better known brands are so expensive so I'm looking for a second hand bargain there I think. I've seen lots of Outwells on previous camping trips.

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