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FryingNemo Thu 24-May-12 18:07:09

OK, tick season has started. What are your best tips for repelling the little sods? I really don't fancy spraying us all with Deet but what alternatives are there that work?

<< scratches>>


RandomNumbers Thu 24-May-12 18:11:09

long trousers, tucked in, long tops, tucked in, long sleeves, stout boots

I don't know of a tick repellent, only mozzie

FryingNemo Thu 24-May-12 18:15:10

I have heard rumours that tea tree oil works?

Waswondering Sat 26-May-12 20:58:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FryingNemo Sun 27-May-12 08:48:10

Well , we will be out and about in prime tick country today. I will try to get the dcs into long trousers and tops but it is forecast to reach 29 degrees today so I doubt they'll stay in them for long. I've found some tick spray and will do a check tonight. I hate ticks, I've removed 3 so far this year. It really is a disadvantage of living in forrin.

Playingwithbuses Wed 04-Jul-12 01:17:36

I have a wee tool meant for dogs i keep handy to remove them.

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