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Britain's Best Bike Rides Help Please

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BobblyGussets Sun 13-May-12 10:13:49

I missed getting the Observer last Sunday after getting the first section of "Britain: Best Bike rides" in The Guardian on Saturday. Please does any kind soul still have the Observer from 6/5/12 and the pull out to send to me please?

AgentProvocateur Sun 13-May-12 10:18:34

I think I read that you can download both parts as an ebook from the guardian site. I also missed the second part, and your post has reminded me that I was going to go online for it

BobblyGussets Sun 13-May-12 10:22:08

OOh thanks Agent. I had a quick look on the website last week, but couldn't find anything. Is it a Kindle thing? I don't own one of those.

AgentProvocateur Sun 13-May-12 14:10:07

Hmm, I've had a look on the website, and I can't see it as an ebook, and nor can I remember where I read that it was going to be. My memory is awful...
This is the best I can find which seems to be the individual rides from the brochure.

I think I might just phone and ask them to send me one. When I've had sections of the Guardian missing before, they send them out the next day, so they must have piles of extra sections.

BobblyGussets Mon 14-May-12 14:19:29

Thanks Agent. Where do you cycle?

I am in the South West very near the Strawberry Line which I am very excited about trying.

AgentProvocateur Tue 15-May-12 14:39:55

I'm north of Glasgow, so usually just cycle in parks and along the canal, but sometimes we go a bit further north to loch lomond and the trossachs - it's really beautiful there. I've not really been out much this year yet - its still pretty cold here. sad

cumbria81 Fri 18-May-12 08:41:28

Not sure if it's too late but I have a copy. Pm me!

BobblyGussets Fri 25-May-12 14:53:12

Thank you lovely Cumbria. I have received my Cycle rides pull out. thanks

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