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Walking Hadrian's Wall with unwilling teens.

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MrsDanverclone Mon 09-Apr-12 00:48:10

I really would love to walk along the Hadrian's Wall route this summer. My 3 teens aren't so happy at the idea. Has anyone tried it and what advice would you offer? Thinking of starting Newcastle end and seeing how far we can get in a week.

ThreadWatcher Mon 09-Apr-12 00:51:30

My dc would love to do this - they are 7 and 10 though!

I shall be watching to see what advice you might be offered smile

Are you walkers anyway? If they are not used to it, I can see why they might be a bit objectionable.
What are you planning for sleeping arrangements?

breadbiscuit Mon 09-Apr-12 01:10:22

We're thinking of doing some of it. If yours aren't keen, though...not sure they'll put up with it. Other posters might have ideas for making it more attractive.

MrsDanverclone Mon 09-Apr-12 09:02:46

They are walkers, so that's not the problem really. We camped near the wall one year and it was very, very wet. It rained non stop and walking on the floor of the tent was comparable to a water bed, so once they just accept that it's going to be cold, wet and miserable, then we can get on having a fun timegrin
I was wondering if anyone had walked stages of it, how far they had managed each day and if they knew of any nice places to eat on route.
Sleeping arrangements aren't a problem as we are heading back into Newcastle each evening, as I'm from NE and didn't think teens would agree to camping again and carrying loads of stuff as it's for a week.
Thinking about using the bus service for getting back and forth.
I know it sounds like cheating and I'd love to walk and stay at various locations as we made our way along, but this is my compromise with them and they might enjoy it so much that we get to do it properly next timesmile

breadbiscuit Mon 09-Apr-12 12:36:12

Well, bumping for you. And us watchers. smile

TwoJackRussellsandababy Mon 09-Apr-12 16:34:06

I did it a couple of years ago with my dog, loved it, although I did it through a company who arranged accommodation and baggage transfer each day. I did around 10 to 15 miles per day depending on the part of the route and did it in five days, but I cut out the Solway Firth and Newcastle bits at either end as I used to live there and also I didn't have enough time off from work. There were a bunch of guys I met who had done it in three days, but I do think that they were a little mad!

I loved it and am looking forward to being able to do it again in a couple of years with my DH and DS.

MrsDanverclone Thu 26-Apr-12 15:07:18

Sorry for the big gap in getting back to this thread, RL not playing nicely at the moment.
Thanks for the replies, MIL is planning on a long visit this summer, so may scupper my plans angry

Think if we get the chance to do it, I'd probably do as you did 2JackRussells and miss the beginning bit of Newcastle. I'd probably visit Segedunum Roman Fort, Wallsend, the weekend before, a sort of this is where we would start, if I wasn't cheating and couldn't be bothered with walking through boring bits of Newcastle, type thing.
Would starting at Hexham, be taking cheating a bit too far?
Teens quite keen now, don't know how much that has to do with MIL's planned visit though grin

LineRunner Wed 23-May-12 20:37:17

I would start at Wallsend, and also have a look at South Shields because it was the supply fort for The Wall, if you are into the Roman history part. Also there are visible stretches of the wall by the central station (outside the the Lit & Phil) and up the Westgate Road, and at Benwell. Also south of the wall all the way along there is amazing Roman stuff at places like Corbridge.

If you want to walk, and just walk in great scenery, then definitely I would walk the Crags (and like you say start at Hexham) but there are great B&Bs along the route from there all the way to Bowness.

Merle Sat 16-Jun-12 07:13:19

Am bumping this to ask how your plans are going. I've never done it but it's something I'd like to do when mine are a bit older. We have relatives in the North East, so get up there a fair bit.

iknowwho Fri 06-Jul-12 12:27:18

This s el I am hoping 2 do in September although I will probably b by myself.

iknowwho Fri 06-Jul-12 12:28:31

Ignore that post. I'm on my phone and didn't check if it was being predictable or not!

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