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Geocaching : chatty thread

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bumpybecky Fri 23-Mar-12 16:24:18

hello geocachers smile

there were lots of outdoorsy shite threads, but now we have our new great outdoors forum, I thought I'd start a new thread for us smile

I am (one of) Dave's Piglings and an in Bedfordshire. We've currently got about 140 finds and 9 caches placed smile

Xmasfairy86 Sun 04-Jun-17 17:06:52

Have people paid for the app? I had the free one, did a few, then they updated it and made loads only available to you if you bought the app!

Am thinking it might be worth it, DP works a lot and I get bored easily with the kids on my own

chicken2015 Fri 05-May-17 19:04:03

Ive got up to 27 and im also on maternity leave 😊 my baby girl is 13 weeks old 😊

NerrSnerr Fri 05-May-17 18:31:20

Hi all, I'm another geocacher. Have about 60 finds over 9 months but now on maternity leave so am getting a few most days. Hoping to get to 100 by the end of the month.

chicken2015 Thu 27-Apr-17 22:08:10

Hello im a fellow geocacher! Been doing it about a month got 14 so far 😁

AwkwardAnnie Mon 18-Apr-16 23:11:50

Hello another geocaching MNetter here. I found 5 caches over 3 years, then really got the bug (a new phone, then a GPS) 2 years ago and we're just approaching 450 finds now.
The kids are nowhere near as enthusiastic as I am. 8yo DD has to be practically dragged out of the house but has fun once out. 4yo DS likes it more. DH isn't a fan but joins us occasionally.

Coming don't give up on the TB, sometimes they come back into circulation. I've got one which I suspect has going into someone's collection, but I've got 3 others that are still travelling. The kids released one each last year and they've both clocked up several thousand miles each thanks to 2 well travelled caches.

Comingfoccacia Thu 14-Apr-16 07:12:40

Hello fellow geocachers. Might be nice to get this thread moving again? We've just done our 100th cache, started last August. We love it!! It's proved to be a great hobby, dts 8 really enjoy it. A newbie took dts travelbug and hasn't moved it on grrr. I have messaged and emailed them but nothing....any other tips?

lamiashiro Wed 16-Mar-16 21:04:30

I was just wondering if there was a geocaching thread on MN and here it is!

Hello MN geocachers!

Minisoksmakehardwork Wed 18-Nov-15 11:14:18

Have you tried looking at the trackable info on a desktop pc/in safari? Some of them I'm sure translate as I've had German ones before.

OverScentedFanjo Sat 24-Oct-15 18:29:52

Can anyone help? I've got a TB but don't know what its goal is as its in a differnt language and I haven't a clue.

I've had it for a few weeks as we haven't found any new caches.

Haven't logged a TB before, so how do I manage that?

PancakeHen Wed 05-Aug-15 16:10:16

Downloaded the app last night after reading the other thread in chat. I haven't got a clue what I'm doing yet!

LB2908 Wed 05-Aug-15 16:04:31

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Minisoksmakehardwork Tue 31-Mar-15 17:45:29

I've recently doubled my finds in just 1 day. Did a circular route with 25 caches and a further 2 nearby.

MeAndMySpoon Sat 03-Jan-15 15:45:24

Hello cachers! smile I've just got into this over the holidays, having meant to investigate for ooh, a few years or so. wink Turns out our first one was less than 100m from our house!

We've done 7 and failed on a further 3 so far, and I can see this being something that will get me and my older son out of the house even on unpromising days (neither of us are particularly avid outdoorsy people and we're wimps about weather). DS2 never needs any persuasion to get outside though. I've already got a travel bug - was going to ask you more experienced cachers - do I need to move it on asap, or can I hang onto it until we go further afield? It doesn't have a goal but the tag says 'travel the world'. I'm half tempted to post it to my brother in Nevada, who also does geocaches, and get him to place it somewhere, but assume that's a massive breach of etiquette? grin

Minisoksmakehardwork Sun 12-Oct-14 20:38:15

Happy international earth cache day! I took a trip to our nearest earth cache today. I've been saving it since I missed it in August. Was much closer than I thought and a beautiful spot. You could spend hours there just watching the world go by.

ecofreckle Sat 23-Aug-14 17:25:44

Great! Try the Ingham church circuit. Awesome in my opinion. enjoy smile

BBQsAreSooooOverrated Sat 23-Aug-14 16:54:49

I'm in norfolk so will definitely look out for those thanks!

ecofreckle Sat 23-Aug-14 08:59:09

Hi. Was delighted to see this thread pop up in active. I'm a cacher of about six years now although my stats are rubbish. I have two caches of my own and loads of travel bugs. I've also set up caches and bugs as presents for friends and family to start them off on their cache careers smile

I am recently relocated to Bedfordshire from Norfolk (anyone luck enough to be from Norfolk should look out for caches by captain birds eye, they're clever) so I should get my gps out and maybe look to try and hook up with op!

BBQsAreSooooOverrated Sat 23-Aug-14 08:42:15

Just popping in to say 'hi'. smile
Very new to geocaching but enjoying it so far. I'm surprised my 11yo was really getting into it too!

I've only got 6 finds so far but there's several in my village I'm going to try and find. There's loads out there, find it amazing there's so many that we don't realise are there!
There's one just a few hundred yards from our door.

I'm camping next week so will have to save some offline with my app to try when we're away smile

Minisoksmakehardwork Mon 11-Aug-14 08:59:56

Can I say hi? Just found this thread. Have had the geocaching app a while but only got my first find while on holiday this year (was just a short walk from our holiday park). There's 2 in my village which I've not yet had the chance to go for due to having 2yo dts and the footpath not being suitable. Thought I'd try yesterday but got seriously rained off. The two older dc are a bit hit and miss. Dd1 gets bored easily. Ds1 loves the walk and the hunt.

I've only found 4 so far. Inc a teeny magnetic nano (was fun hunting for that in a busy park). But saved loads to my offline list just in case.

EddieVeddersfoxymop Sat 26-Jul-14 17:50:51

Mercury, glad to see you're into it! We love it - we have 63 finds and are aiming for 100 by years end. But more exciting - our first cache was published yesterday and has been found twice already.

It's very addictive indeed!

MercuryRising Tue 22-Jul-14 21:29:27

We discovered geocaching at the weekend and I have been out with dc, dm and dsis every evening. It is addictive!!grin

Choccyjules Sun 29-Jun-14 17:40:28

Hi just checking-in, been out searching today for first time in a few years, took DD who found it so exciting to be acting nonchalant to put off any lurking muggles!
Downloaded the iphone free app but it wouldn't show me the ones I knew from the main website were nearby so have bought the real app. Going to have to keep this up now to make it worth the money.
I do love the idea, though, so it will be nice to read through this thread despite most of it being quite old.

karatekimmi Sun 25-May-14 19:46:02

Hi, just found you all and don't want to lose you. Been geocaching as a a family For over a year now, aiming for on average a find a day this year and we are currently on track.

I'll catch up with the thread now!!

FiveGoMadInDorset Sun 25-May-14 19:40:32

Having dithered and dithered finally went on our first geocahce today aided by some freinds. I have a very reluctant DD age 8 in walking and thought this would be the ideal thing to get out and about. We used the app on the iphone but I have a GArmin GPS60 which I got for my birthday a couple of years ago but unsure how to use it. Any help on that one?

noyouhavehadawee Sun 25-May-14 19:31:37

oooo hello grin, I downloaded the intro geocaching on my iphone and last week we had our first dnf and all came home a bot sad, today we got our first find grin, I not when recording on the log there is loads of abbreviations and I haven't a clue what it is though know what a muggle is and dnf but that's about it - were off to the lakes next week and im mega excited at prospect of finding any - is there a way to see if any there other than waiting till there and striking up my phone?

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