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People who get rid of dogs on Gumtree and a hideous Youtube video

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DogEgg Wed 30-Jan-13 12:41:14

Now and again I go on Gumtree and horrify myself with the way people buy and sell puppies (bred under heaven knows what conditions) and just casually get rid of dogs for all kinds of unthinkable reasons e.g. regarding a glorious 6 month springer pup "I just don't have the patience for her anymore" angry I have a rescue dog, dogs are my passion and I just despair of the casual way people pick them up and then ditch them like old socks.

Today I found someone selling Jagdterrier pups. I'd never heard of them so looked them up on Google and clicked on a link to Youtube. I know nothing about these dogs, so my point isn't against them, but the video was bloody dreadful - two of these dogs attacking a tethered bear while someone filmed. The poor bear. I don't know what point I'm trying to make really, but I am so sickened and sad I couldn't help but share this. Why and how do people do such stuff and why do people want to watch it?

JustGiveMeFiveMinutes Wed 30-Jan-13 12:45:23

The selling of animals on Gumtree is awful. It's bad enough seeing 8 week old puppies being sold on because they're obviously too much of a handful, but the older pets who are advertised are even more heartbreaking. It's tempting to buy one, thinking you are doing that animal a favour, especially the staffies, but to do so is to feed the demand sad

Because the world has lots of twats in it, and it is illegal to shoot them, I think.

hippppy Wed 30-Jan-13 13:23:13

I just got a puppy from gumtree - she was being cared for by a dog warden, unclaimed stray. There are soooo many people getting rid of dogs at the moment..its the month after xmas! The dog warden had quite a few dogs and all of them had been dumped. Including a handful of very young puppies found in a box - currently being bottle fed by his daughter.

I guess tho if they are not sold or given away on sites like gumtree then what are people going to do if they do not want a dog anymore? Could lead to more cases of cruelty and neglect..

D0oinMeCleanin Wed 30-Jan-13 14:37:49

I guess tho if they are not sold or given away on sites like gumtree then what are people going to do if they do not want a dog anymore? Could lead to more cases of cruelty and neglect

No, if people stopped buying, demand would dry up and BYB and puppy farmers would go out of business. Only people who were able to prove to a rescue and/or genuine reputable breeder that they were able to provide the right care and dedication to a dog would be able to get one.

Rescue shelters would slowly start emptying and would have space to take in genuine cases of need instead of having to turn the just made homeless lady's plea for help away because they're too busy dealing with dumped strays.

I wish I could say that I was surprised at a Dog Warden, who knows first hand just what a state rescue and welfare is in in this country, still selling to god knows who on Gumtree (at least one out of every litter they sell they'll see again, when they go to do their 7 days in the pound), but sadly nothing a DW does could surprise me anymore.

Buying from Gumtree is not 'saving' a puppy, however nice a home you can provide, it is perpetuating the ever growing cycle of over breeding, cruelty and neglect that BYB and puppy farmers put their dogs and puppies through and adding to the strain that rescues face every day. Don't kid yourself that you did a good thing.

hippppy Wed 30-Jan-13 15:04:15

I can totally get

Don't buy a dog from a puppy farm
Don't buy a puppy from a pikey
Don't buy a puppy from an a-hole

I went to the mans house, I saw first had how much he cared for these animals they rescue. Pup had her first Jab, had been seen by a vet, wormed and flea'd. basically what I paid just about covered this - he is not in it for the money.

I did do a good thing - I have a beautiful, loving puppy (3.5 months ish) that had obviously been neglected as she was very thin - she is wonderful and so gentle. Im really glad I found her ad smile

My other dog was also a rescue - I met a lady in the pub and said to her "your dog is lovely" turns out she was fostering him. Two days later she came around my house with the puppy and that was that.

Two very happy endings! smile

D0oinMeCleanin Wed 30-Jan-13 15:16:22

That was not a rescue.

I foster. When people tell me my dog is lovely I say "Please contact GRACE rescue on <insert phone number> or find us FB, we will then arrange a home check, providing you pass, you may take the dog for a two week trial, after which a donation will apply, should you find at any point through the dog's life you are unable to keep the dog he must be returned to us"

We don't just pop round with your dog two days later.

You have provided a good home for this puppy, for now, but what of the others? Where did they go? If the DW had not managed to sell your pup and had been stuck with him he might have been more inclined to work with reputable rescues the next time round and if you are made homeless where will your puppy go? Rescues are full dealing with all the other unwanted dogs being bred, so you can't take him there and if you return him to the pound he will be pts.

D0oin - how does it work when you foster a dog? Who decides if you are suitable, and what dogs you should foster, and who is responsible for vet bills? It's something dh and I might consider doing, in the future, when ddog2, who was a rescue dog, and is still a bit neurotic, has mellowed.

D0oinMeCleanin Wed 30-Jan-13 17:11:03

The rescue will pay for all food and vet bills and routine costs such as flea and worm treatments. They will also provide a bed, lead, collar, food bowls etc. and you could if you wanted to ask them about money for toys/balls etc. although most fosterers are happy enough to provide these themselves.

Ultimately it is the rescue who decide which dog would be best suited to you but your preferences will be listened to, for example if you told them you were only comfortable taking small breeds, they wouldn't give a Rottweiler.

It's very rewarding but can be heartbreaking at times.

Thank you for that - it is definitely something I want to do in the future. Interesting that the dog you chose as an example is a Rottweiler - I think they are gorgeous looking dogs, and I would love to get to know the breed better (our two are a lab and a lab cross).

D0oinMeCleanin Wed 30-Jan-13 17:18:28

They are the only breed of dog in the whole world that I am nervous of blush Whenever I think big, scary dog Rotties immediately spring to mind, which I know is my problem, not the breeds and I am well aware that the vast, vast majority of Rottweilers are happy, friendly dogs more like to slobber you to death than eat you, but they still make me feel a tiny bit sick with fear when they bound over to me on walks blush

I have no idea why. I have never met an aggressive Rotty and love other big breeds.

Cuebill Wed 30-Jan-13 17:19:05

hippppy are you saying that a dog warden was selling dogs on gumtree?

I am amazed, disgusted and have really heard it all now - the warden should be reported to the Council and in my opinion struck off (can you strike off a dog warden?)

No reputable rescue will EVER sell dogs on gumtree.
No reputable rescue will allow the fosters to personally rehome a dog.

I am glad that it worked out for you hipppp but you were just very lucky the result could have been very different and heart breaking.

RedwingWinter Wed 30-Jan-13 19:28:23

I am also shocked at a dog warden selling dogs on gumtree. I think it should be reported.

But I would also say that many people selling dogs disguise who they really are. It's well known that puppy farms have people to act as a 'front', with stories such as no longer having time for the puppy or someone being allergic, and then a few weeks later funnily enough it will be the same story with a new puppy. Gullible people think they have 'saved' a dog when they have just purchased it from a puppy farm via an intermediary who got paid to trick them. You have to be very careful.

pepsiesmammy Wed 30-Jan-13 19:40:21

People should really think twice before advertising on the likes of gumtree. Free and cheap dogs are used as bait dogs. They are set on by dogs used as fighting dogs as practice. If people have to rehome pets they should use rescue like dogs trust or battersea or through their vets. I hate scumtree gumtree.

Mynewmoniker Wed 30-Jan-13 19:54:48

I'm thinking that these dog rescue centres are playing dog Gods. I know I'm going to to be flamed for that but I have had a few colleagues turned down by rescue centres who have gone on to purchase/rescue a puppy from elswhere. NOT a puppy farm or a front.

Those dogs have now got fantastic sociable lives and are physically and mentally healthy. It's a shame the rescue centres denied dogs in their care the same chance.

I'm getting a bit fed up of hearing these rescue centres are chocca. They do a brilliant job with the care but seem over protective to their charges disadvantage sad

I have animal rescue experience and we rarely had return problems. We didn't give half the hoops to jump through.

Don't tell me because of the rules the dogs aren't returned because one friend was stupidly given the most unsuitable hound for a first experience of a family dog and it nearly wrecked a marriage. It could only go back to find a more suitable home.

Cuebill Wed 30-Jan-13 20:12:50

Yes lets give rescue centres a bashing, why not hmm. The fact that we are picking up the mess that other people have caused and just walk away from I sure makes them fair game.

We are very overprotective of our charges because we are responsible for life for the dogs.

All our dogs are assessed, given training and health checks. We spend hours each day on the welfare of the dogs. We also have to raise funds to look after the dogs and then also have to assess prospective owners. A day is very busy in the rescue world smile. Today alone I have had 13 emails for dogs needing rehoming, numerous phone calls. I have had 5 emails for actual rehoming. 4 of which were just time wasters but still needed dealing with. Today 6 dogs went to new homes - fantastic but a litter of puppies aged about 5 weeks were dumped on our doorstep with a very very sick mother dog so we are literally chasing our tails. The mother has had to have a major op and the puppies are needing 2 hourly feeding - sorry if I not rehomed them all by this afternoon!

I have a database of original people wishing to rehome and each day I match up dogs to the data base list, many of the people on the list no longer want a dog.
I could spend all day on just sorting out the rehoming but I have 40 dogs to exercise, train feed and look after.

The dogs are safe, well looked after when they are with me. I will rehome, my aim is to rehome BUT that home must be the right home for the dog. If that takes time and people get tired of waiting, or do not like being turned down I apologise. The dogs come first.

We do get it wrong, people lie to us, people say all sorts of things but we have to be sure, sorry if we are seem cynical but that is because of the way people have treated us.

I waited around for an hour today for new owners to collect a dog. They did not arrive eventually I phoned them to be told they had changed their minds - nice thanks for telling us.

Mynewmoniker Wed 30-Jan-13 20:37:03

I said rehomers do a good job, cuebill. I also said I have experience so I know the dedication it takes. I put my time in too because I loved every minute. I didn't reckon I had the most difficult job in the world.

My point was about the over protection that seems to happen. I think I've proved my point when I mention about the successful nurturing my colleagues have done. They ended up with 'matching' dogs they were able to choose themselves. Not all potential adopters are inexperienced idiots.

Cuebill Wed 30-Jan-13 20:54:30

If I overreacted and misinterpreted I am sorry - busy emotional day and hit a raw nerve sorry

Mynewmoniker Thu 31-Jan-13 07:30:26

Actually that's OK, Cuebill as I expected to get flamed by more people as I know it's a controversial and possibly (?) minority opinion. But I'm genuinly concerned that adoptees these days have to take too rigerous a test and dogs are missing out on being adopted to, if not super safe but decent conditions.

I work a few days a week but I put hours into my dogs and they miss out on nothing as far as I'm concerned. They have become sociable, polite and energetic, sporty types. I'm not sure I would have been considered for a dog if I had approached a rescue service because of me working but I know of people who stay at home for various reasons who never think of taking care of their dogs in the way they are ment to do.

Tell me about stressful days! I had the same today in my current job and, forgetting all that stress, often long for job in a dog boarding kennels. smile

Hope you have a better day today. Don't let the bgrs get you down. wink

Cuebill Thu 31-Jan-13 08:33:40


I totally disagree that rescues are too rigerous in their rehoming policy. There are some dogs that can be rehomed a 100 times over and the people that are not chosen are understandably upset. However other dogs are harder to rehome. The assessment has to be very detailed and rigerous, as I said before people lie, and we are responsible for the dogs for life.

Wee bit tired due to two hourly feeding of new pups last night but all of them survived the night fingers crossed

If you fancy any volunteering ........ 40 dogs here that need exercising, training 7 days a week smile

ithasgonetotheopera Thu 31-Jan-13 08:59:52

I'm on the fence about whether rescue centres are too strict or not - on the one hand, I'm a vet and I couldn't pass rescue centre rules (work full time, small garden with a big dog - but I do everything for my dog to make up for these things including coming home every lunchtime, would hire a walker if I ever needed to). I meet so many lovely owners in my clinic, who wanted to get a rescue dog but were turned down so ended up with a puppy instead.

On the other hand, there's one rescue centre in the area who constantly gives dogs out who I think are totally unsuited to the owner (bouncy dog to frail elderly lady etc), and give the dogs out within a few days of being handed to the rescue - how can they be doing a proper behavioural assessment of the dog?

Its the people who breed irresponsibly/get rid of dogs on a whim who we should be complaining about most, not the rescue centres who are just doing their best. No wonder rescue centres are cynical about potential new homes when they see it going wrong every single day.

Mynewmoniker Thu 31-Jan-13 15:53:07

Where are you cuebill?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 31-Jan-13 22:58:27

Dooin - the Rottweiller dislike.
Did you watch The Omen (the cemetary scene) ?
Is that what spooks you out?

And did the weird Nanny have a Rottie or was that a Doberman? Can't remember.

Come and sit on Auntie 70s couch and tell me about your childhood
<<Looks over horn rimmed glasses and uncaps pen, thoughtfully>>

redrubyshoes Thu 31-Jan-13 23:07:26

Friends of mine are having a Staffie puppy delivered next week, they have paid £359 for her. She is eight weeks old and a litter of six

I trust my friends as they have had a Staffie before. I worry about the other five and the other two/three/four or more litters she has had before.

D0oinMeCleanin Thu 31-Jan-13 23:15:38

I watched the Omen, but I also watched Cujo and then named my Akita puppy after the film hmm

I can't really remember The Omen, I know I've seen it, but it was years ago. I adore Dobes.

No idea what it is. The only bad experience I have had was when a family I know let their Rotty (who they'd deliberately trained to be aggressive) out on to a public field without checking whether there were any people on the field first angry

It made a beeline straight for me, but never got close enough to do any damage because I had Cujo with me. The Rotty took a bit of a beating, Cujo recalled, both dogs were relatively unscathed. I was perfectly fine, though slightly shaken, that worsened my fear, but I was scared before that.

My head tells me Rotties are fine, no more dangerous than any other large breed dog, my tummy tells me to feel a tiny bit sick with fear confused

My mum is scared of dogs so it's probably something she has said to me that I can't remember grin

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