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Puppy with diarrhea

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FreddoBaggyMac Tue 21-Aug-12 17:57:05

Hi. We adopted a seven week old puppy from the RSPCA on Saturday, she's a crossbreed (a bit of lab and a bit of collie we think!) She's completely lovely and seems very healthy, energetic and inquisitive, our only problem is that she is that she has diarrhea and we're unsure what to do about it. She poos approx eight times a day and while it's not totally liquid it's much runnier than I'd expect (sorry if TMI!!)

The problem seemed to begin at the RSPCA kennels, and they were feeding her a mix of Chappy and pedigree chum puppy food. This didn't seem to be improving things so I've switched her onto James Wellbeloved Puppy dried food. She's been on that for two days and things do seem to have improved but only very slightly. I've also ordered pro kolin which will hopefully arrive tomorrow to try.

Just wondering if anyone can give me any further advice on what to do? Sould I stick with the James Wellbeloved dried food or try something else? Any advice much appreciated x

FreddoBaggyMac Tue 21-Aug-12 18:46:53

Have been reading up a bit more and have seen a recommendation to replace her food with scrambled eggs with no milk and a spoonful of sugar added. I'm planning on doing this tomorrow but just wondering how much I should give her? She's a medium sized puppy, seven weeks old. Was thinking of giving her three servings of 1 scrambled egg with a teaspoon of sugar for tomorrow's meals and then perhaps mixing a bit of the dried food in the following day if things seem to improve? Does this sound a resonable plan?? Any advice much appreciated (please?!)

PeriPathetic Tue 21-Aug-12 18:51:42

7 weeks is very young shock

Have you taken her to a vet yet? She needs checking over. My pup had this when we first got her and it turned out to be some intestinal parasite, the name of which escapes me atm.

sanityawol Tue 21-Aug-12 18:53:37

Hi there - I'm no expert, so I'm sure that others will have better advice.

If puppy is only 7 weeks old has she been wormed and had jabs?

Putting myself in your situation, I would stick with one type of food for the time being. She will only have been weaned very recently so she may take some time to adjust to a new food. I would also be speaking to my own vet and getting her checked over if I had concerns. To me, 7 weeks seems very young to have been rehomed (although I have never looked at a rescue puppy so have no experience of this).

Is it possible that she's just a bit 'loose' while she adapts to new food?

midori1999 Tue 21-Aug-12 18:56:55

Don't change her food again, it is likely to just upset her tummy more. Pedigree can give some puppies the runs, as can a change of home and any sudden change in food. Food changes should be done very gradually over a few days.

Personally, I think a 7 week old puppy with diarrhoea needs to see a vet, it can lead to dehydration very fast and although from what you have said it doesn't sound overly serious, it's not worth the risk, particularly as worms or something more sinister may be the cause.

PeriPathetic Tue 21-Aug-12 19:00:15

Coccidiosis was what my girl had.

I hope it's one of the other reasons listed on that page, but I'd definitely take her to your vet. So much diarrhea in one so young would be very worrying to me.

I'm not even going to go there re rehoming at 7 weeks. And RSPCA. Bah.

LemarchandsBox Tue 21-Aug-12 19:03:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

vnmum Tue 21-Aug-12 19:16:21

I am quite shocked at an Animal welfare charity rehoming a puppy at 7 weeks. But it is the RSPCA so I am not surprised.
She will only have recently been weaned and the food they've been feeding her is shite (I know they've got costs to meet). A change in diet should be done over a few days of gradually mixing the new food with the old.

Don't change her food again, James wellbeloved is ok.

The change of environment and the stress of a new home can trigger diarrhoea but if she is going as often as you say and it has been happening for a few days I would take her to the vet.

A bland diet of scrambled egg, chicken and rice can sometimes help to settle the stomach. With older dogs I would say to starve for 24 hrs but that isn't really suitable for a puppy so young.

My concern at this stage would be dehydration or the possibility of worm infestation or infection.

Is there any blood or mucous in the stools?

FreddoBaggyMac Tue 21-Aug-12 19:40:16

Thanks so much for your responses, really appreciate it.

The RSPCA took her in at 6 weeks because she wasn't wanted, guess they thought she might be better off with us than at their kennels so I can't blame them too much. They rarely have puppies at their kennels so were by no means experts in what to do with her.We went in expecting to get an older dog so have been reading everything I can about puppies over the past week to try and get clued up. Really appreciate advice from you all.

There has been no blood or mucus in her stools (would have had her to vet immediately if there'd been blood). Yes she has had her first set of jabs (next ones due in a week and a half) and she was wormed on 13/8 with milbemax. She's eating really well and looks healthy and is certainly very perky and full of beans!

Will book her into the vets tomorrrow morning, but just wondering would you recommend giving her scrambled eggs or the James Wellbeloved dried food first thing tomorrow? I did make the food change over a few days and as I say she does seem to be pooing slightly less often than she was when she first arrived.

Champneys Tue 21-Aug-12 20:33:43

Plsin boiled chicken and rice, small portions 3 times daily should sort her out.

or plain boiled chicken and boiled potatoes. do this for 2 or 3 days until poo is more firm. it is never quite as firm as an adult dog anyway at this age.

then gradually add a little bit of her james wellbeloved.

has she been wormed? need worming every 2 weeks at this age.

Champneys Tue 21-Aug-12 20:36:08

sorry re read your last post and see she was wormed on 13th.

FreddoBaggyMac Tue 21-Aug-12 20:41:19

Thanks Champneys. Yes wormed on 13/8 with milbemax, have been advised that she's next due for worming 13/9, should I go with this or worm her again earlier?

Do you think it's necessary that we take her to the vet? Will of course go if it's necessary, but at the same time have already spent a lot on her this month and don't want to go if the vet is going to give me the advice you've just given for a fee!

Sausagedog27 Tue 21-Aug-12 21:07:16

Yes go to the vets! When our dog was a pup she had a poorly tum and the runs- took her to the vet and she ended up on a drip as she was dehydrated. She recovered really well- thought it was a bug, but it was the dehydration that was the worry.

Changing food- you are not meant to just change it, I always was told that you should mix up old and new and gradually wean on to new stuff. Hopefully it's something as simple as that op, rather than anything bad, but do go to vets tomorrow.

FreddoBaggyMac Tue 21-Aug-12 21:17:10

Thanks Sausage, will go to the vets! I suppose it will be good to get her properly checked over and my mind will not be at rest if we do otherwise!!

Champneys Tue 21-Aug-12 21:44:07

How runny is runny. watery or just loose? no blood? mucus (my pup had this and vet said that some mucus is fine)
Is it formed in anyway. squiggly worms or a cow pat?

FreddoBaggyMac Tue 21-Aug-12 22:21:04

Cow pat is a pretty good description! No blood or mucus. I'd say it's usually just loose and ocassionally a bit watery. She tends to go 2-3 times after each meal (3 meals a day) but only in smallish amounts. I think that's the most description I can give smile

Champneys Tue 21-Aug-12 22:30:46

I would try the boiled rice and chick first. See if that binds her up tomorrow during the day. Less frequent and more wormlike as in squiggles or firmer. If you dont see cow pat by afternoon, just slightly firmer then carry on. If it is still the same as today, then see the vet.

New home can have unsettling on the tummy. You need to try that before you sail off to the vet at great expense. He sounds very chirpy and bright and busy so as there is no sickness lethargy or general malaise, I think you need to give yourself a chance to cure it yourself tomorrow. You are right the vet will charge the earth and may just advise you the same as here.

midori1999 Tue 21-Aug-12 22:36:07

Please see a vet, even a vet cannot advise you properly over an internet forum, let alone 'laypeople'. She needs to see a vet and be checked over, young puppies can go downhill very fast.

Once again, I strongly advise against changing her food again without the advice of a vet.

There's nothing wrong with a puppy going to it's new home at 7 weeks, even it is leaving it's litter, let alone if it's leaving kennels to go to a home where it will be socialised. I'm rather hmm about it if the RSPCA were aware the puppy was ill when you took it (if it was ill then). You may want to ring them for advice, seeing as you've only had the puppy for a few days then they may arrange for you to see their vet free of charge. Otherwise, you should speak to your insurance company.

midori1999 Tue 21-Aug-12 22:39:31

You need to try that before you sail off to the vet at great expense

With respect, unless you are a vet (I am assuming by your posts that you are not) then you shouldn't be advising what someone should do with a sick dog, particularly a puppy that is very young.

OP, just take it to the vet. What's the cost of a consultation? £30??? If you're really that worried about the cost then ring them for advice, if they can advise you on the phone, it will be free. However, any new puppy should have a full check up ASAP once in it's new home anyway and the RSPCA should have advised you of this.

Champneys Tue 21-Aug-12 22:43:13

here we go. hmm

Champneys Tue 21-Aug-12 22:46:40

midori. With all due respect. the vet appointment may not be until 5 or 6 tomorrow.

I did not say HO NOT take it the the vet ffs. I said try this in the morning. The pup will need feeding it the morning. try boiled chick and rice. If the stool is still cow pat, by the afternoon then go to the vet. OK with you?

Don't twist my posts. thank you

I am quite sure the OP would know if her pup deteriorated or became physically unwell that she would take him straight there.

midori1999 Tue 21-Aug-12 23:02:03

No, actually, it is not OK with me. IMO it is poor advice. The puppy already has the runs, changing it's food again, for the third time in not many more days, may make it more ill. There is no reason the OP can't get veterinary advice on the phone first thing in morning. All for free. Not that the cost should come into it, of course.

All the more important the puppy see a vet as it's background it uncertain.

I say this as someone more experienced than the average person with young puppies and of course, the puppy will more than likely be fine regardless of what the OP does, but there is a chance it may not and I strongly feel veterinary advice should be sought and that self treatment is not a good idea.

midori1999 Tue 21-Aug-12 23:02:35

I will say it again, young puppies can go downhill very fast.

Champneys Tue 21-Aug-12 23:09:44

I am sure the OP will read both our posts as well as those of others and on other internet sites and will make her decision accordingly. You are insinuating that she is stupid.

And I will say it again too.


I too have an awful lot of experience with pups. I am not a vet. Dont claim to be one. Just saying what one can do to see if it improves in a short space of time.

happygardening Wed 22-Aug-12 09:15:15

On a different note the OP was advised to worm the puppy in 1 month is this right? I too have a new hooligan puppy from a very very reputable breeder and we've been advised fortnightly till 12 weeks. Who is correct?

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