Border terrier or mini poodle

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User2309 Wed 14-Apr-21 20:20:41

We are looking to add a dog to our family and think we have finally decided on one of these breeds.
Which do you think would suit a family better? We are not first time dog owners and have time for walks and training. We really want puppy/dog to be part of the family and join us on our holidays etc too.

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Profiterolegirl Wed 14-Apr-21 21:23:17

Have had both. Love both. Would probably go for a mini poodle. He was friendlier than the border with other dogs and with strangers but both were great dogs.

User2309 Wed 14-Apr-21 21:33:57

Thank you!

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Fastforwardtospring Wed 14-Apr-21 21:43:24

We have a very friendly Border, great with people and other dogs, Borders need lots of early on socialisation, we have met some snappy ones! Ours is a fab family dog, great with DC, will walk for miles and miles but just as happy with a quick walk. I would say fairly easy to train but all this can go out the window if she spots a squirrel, then her hunting instinct kicks in and she’s off! Love her small size but big dog mentality.

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Wed 14-Apr-21 22:16:29

Borders can be lovely - but I know a few who are... less so. The lovely ones are great - lots of dog in a small parcel. Just check out the temperaments of the parents, and socialise the puppy well.

No experience of mini poodle so can't offer comparisons.

User2309 Thu 15-Apr-21 06:01:36

Thank you everyone. We are so torn...haven't found a breeder for either yet though.

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TheSandgroper Thu 15-Apr-21 06:12:12

We have a bt. Fab dog. However, she is a terrier. A hunter. She is never walked off lead or she would never come back. She doesn’t bark as much as ndn’s mini poodles would. And she has those gorgeous eyes.

AlexaNeverListens Thu 15-Apr-21 06:29:21

I have a border terrier and she's the best dog ever! She doesn't bark, doesn't chew, LOVES everyone/thing she ever meets. She hasn't got a nasty bone in her body. She's small, super intelligent (so easy to train) and has the face of a teddy bear!! She never makes a fuss and is quite literally, the easiest dog I've ever had.

AlexaNeverListens Thu 15-Apr-21 06:30:33

Forgot to say, we always walk her off the lead unless we see small children. Her recall is excellent (so long as she knows we have a pocket full of treats!)

itstrue Thu 15-Apr-21 08:32:45

I've got a mini poodle. She's a great family dog, no aggression at all. She's such a lovely girl that we get remarks all the time on how well behaved she is.

She's a smart little thing, Gets naughty when bored though. Very loyal.

Big downside is the grooming. It's great having no shedding but I can't groom her myself so it costs at bit to get her done every 7-8 weeks.

User2309 Thu 15-Apr-21 08:56:48

Aww they both sound like they can be great family dogs...if only I could have one of each!
How do you find the brushing of either breeds? Is it a daily requirement for both? I'm guessing so for a poodle?

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Etherealhedgehog Thu 15-Apr-21 09:02:17

I grew up with a poodle - daily brushing not necessary, depending on how lovely you want them to look of course! We always had the hair short on body and legs, so no brushing needed there. Longer on the topknot and ears so that did need brushing but it didn't happen daily and didn't take long as it wasn't the whole dog (and that was a standard). And yeah, not having dog hair all over the house was great!

User2309 Thu 15-Apr-21 09:08:38

I not sure on the names of the cuts but I would think we would go for a shorter all over type of cut. I wouldnt want them to have a show cut.

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Etherealhedgehog Thu 15-Apr-21 10:10:20

FWIW I think short all over with longer hair on the top of the head, ears and tail looks great and is definitely not a show cut. Kind of like the 'lamb cut' except with hair cut short on the legs. If you cut it short on the topknot and ears as well you lose that distinctive poodly look (which is worth it just for the number of small children who will excitedly shriek 'look there's a poodle!!' when you're taking them out for a walk). But if you pay someone to cut their hair they'll be able to advise!

AlexaNeverListens Thu 15-Apr-21 10:21:43

BTs need to be hand stripped by a dog groomer a couple of times a year. Clipping them ruins their coat.
It costs us £40/45 each time but other than that we don't have to do anything.

poodlefan Thu 15-Apr-21 11:34:57

We have a miniature poodle he is a very easy dog, happy go lucky wants to please so very easy to train, and devoted to us. We have 409+ years of dog ownership and even my mom doggy DH says he's the best dog we've ever owned. I have to confess I never brush him from one week to the next but his coat is kept very short and he goes to the groomers every 8 weeks I pay £40. We don't do mind games etc with him he is perfectly happy just being with us. He walked for about an hour a day and has constant access to our garden not that its very large. Some days he doesn't get an hour other days like today he'll get 2 hours he's very adaptable and very easy going.
We live in traditional wealthy rural area and there are quite a lot of boarders round here I really like them but IME they yap badly that would drive me round the bend my poodle never barks.
We got ours by going through the miniature poodle club their secretary knew of members with up coming litters, members are totally dedicated to the breed and puppies are extensively health screened. Everything I've read on here and other places says that its better to go to the specific breed club to find a puppy than go through the KC website/champ dogs or even worse any where like Gumtree.

User2309 Thu 15-Apr-21 14:54:13

Any differences in either breed between dog or bitch?

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User2938478 Thu 15-Apr-21 14:59:44

I would go for the mini poodle.
I would always get a female, that's not being breed specific I just prefer female dogs, like I prefer female cats, not as dominant and no spraying to have to deal with.

SunnyAfternoonInWinter Thu 15-Apr-21 15:02:12

Poodles are the best dogs. DH didn't want one as he isn't a fan of the look, we ended up with another small/toy breed and DHsays he wishes everyday he'd listened to me and got a poodle.

MissShapesMissStakes Thu 15-Apr-21 16:49:49

Another poodle vote. We had two kids 9 and 12 and he's great with them both. Grooming - I have him short all over and don't brush him at all. He's clipped every 6 weeks and it's £35 a time.

We used to walk a lovely border terrier but she was so focussed on squirrels she couldn't be let off and had no idea someone was on the end of the lead.

My mini likes to think he could catch a squirrel and he tries but he wouldn't run far away from us anyway.

Poodles are def people dogs. He is at his most relaxed and happy when we are all together. He follows us around the house. He's rarely in a room without a person by choice. Though he was fine being left (before lockdown, not sure now as haven't tried it for a LONG time).

User2309 Thu 15-Apr-21 18:22:42

Do you find your minis a nice size too? As in not too big not too small....I'll be honest there is a lot of poodle type dogs near us at the moment. I cant say 100% if they are poodles or cockapoos, they can look so similar when cut all over I think....

When did you start grooming your puppies?

I assume either breed would get used to camping if introduced from an early age?

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grannycake Thu 15-Apr-21 18:55:45

I have a 10 month old BT. She's beautiful - loves all dogs, children, passing people in the street. She can be a little Barry but we're working on that and it's definitely improving. Very easy to train and eager to please. She's curled up next to me at the moment fast asleep

grannycake Thu 15-Apr-21 18:57:27

I meant to say we have a camper and she had her first weekend away over Easter. She absolutely loved it. Sat with us outside the van and just watched everyone else - no barking at all

Wolfiefan Thu 15-Apr-21 19:04:26

Met a few dog reactive borders over recent years. You can use a Mars coat king or even handstrip the coat yourself.
Poodles? Don’t know many toys. But the poodles I know are active and bright. How much training/stimulation/walking can you commit to?
And contact breed club re breeders. Also check which specific health tests parents should have before breeding.

User2309 Thu 15-Apr-21 19:06:05

@grannycake she can be a little barry? What does this mean please?

She sounds like a lovely pup.

By the sounds of it I dont think we could go wrong with either.

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