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JanetandJohn500 Fri 09-Apr-21 08:25:52

Disgusting title but help needed!
Our pup (10 months, shih tzu) was castrated last week (Tuesday) and has had diarrhoea since Last Thursday. We stopped the Loxicom and have been feeding him chicken and rice in small quantities since then. It has improved but he's still getting us up once or twice a night to go outside for sloppy poo. He does have a puppy Kong of cream cheese at bedtime and I'm wondering if this is now upsetting his tummy (even though it never has before).
We've spoken to the vet. He now has probiotics to be sprinkled on his food. He is happy in himself and not in any discomfort - in fact, the castration caused him no distress at all.
I'm now wondering whether to get some Chappie to see if that can support in settling his tummy back down? All advice welcome but please no criticism- we've been in touch with the vet several times, they see no reason to see him and are happy that he's happy in himself and showing no distress at the sloppiness of his poo.

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Thewolvesarerunningagain Fri 09-Apr-21 08:44:48

I would probably rest his tummy for 24 hours by giving water and some basic rehydration salts and nothing else. Then introduce chicken and rice and keep him on that with the probiotic for a few days. Then puppy Kong with plain biscuit for his teeth. My sympathies to you. Our golden retriever has had at least one episode of bad diarrhoea that goes on longer than a couple of days a year since a pup and this routine always helps. The first 24 hours though are usually about trying to cope with getting the stink eye from the pup.

Sitdowncupoftea Mon 12-Apr-21 09:58:44

Sometimes the pain killer can cause it speak to your vet.

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