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Embarrassing Pets

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Alwaystired4 Tue 16-Feb-21 18:57:12

I thought I'd share my very embarrassing dog story this evening and ask...who else has an embarrassing pet moment they'd care to share? The funnier the better...we need laughs at the moment!

After another long day of home schooling, I thought I'd walk the dog down to the shop and treat me and hubby to a bottle of wine
I tied up the dog to (what i thought was) a sign on the ground...turned out to be a free standing sign...
My dog decided she didn't fancy being tied up..
She ran off down the street with the HUGE sign still attached to her harness..
I had to chase her..wrestle her back with the sign tangle and detach her...and then was too embarrassed to go into the shop. ALOT of people saw...
Oh the humiliation

So...anyone else got an embarrassing pet moment to share?

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HarrietSchulenberg Tue 16-Feb-21 19:30:20

My dog did an enormous shite on someone's doorstep. Doorstep is straight onto the street and dog did none of his usual sniffing and circling, he literally just stopped and dropped. I was just scooping it up and wiping the step with a old and snotty tissue when the householder opened the door to go out.

I had to apologise quite a lot but luckily he'd witnessed me clearing it all up so it wasn't too bad.

Sitdowncupoftea Wed 17-Feb-21 17:10:23

I tied one one of my dogs outside a shop once. There was nothing to tie her to so I used the drain pipe. Someone apparently went up to pet her so she ended up getting excited and pulled the whole drainpipe off. She was a rottweiler. I had to catch her trailing the drainpipe down the road.

sunflowersandbuttercups Wed 17-Feb-21 20:56:49

Mine once stopped traffic to shit in the middle of the road. If that wasn't bad enough, there was a blade of grass dangling out of his bum and I had to pull it out in front of four cars and several amused pedestrians grin

Alwaystired4 Thu 18-Feb-21 15:34:30

Omg I'm so glad it's not just me who's dog does things like this 😆😆😆🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
I haven't been back to that corner shop I'm too embarrassed!!

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EveryoneRevealsThemselves Thu 18-Feb-21 15:37:52

I’m going to be that misery who says that isn’t funny. You’re damn lucky that it wasn’t actually worse.

Haver74 Thu 18-Feb-21 18:34:37

Please don't ever leave your dog tied up outside a shop!

Honeyroar Thu 18-Feb-21 18:38:28

Our first dog cocked his leg on my mum and peed all over her leg just as a coach full of people pulled up. They all cracked up laughing at her!

SmallPrawnEnergy Thu 18-Feb-21 18:40:13


Please don't ever leave your dog tied up outside a shop!

This. My stupid cousin did this and her dog was stolen within minutes. Never found / returned, the kids were traumatised.

If your dog doesn't have recall then you're asking for trouble, it could have ran into traffic!

GeidiPrimes Thu 18-Feb-21 18:53:07

Mine lives to embarrass me! As we were walking past a hedge he darted into it and plucked out a live pigeon! Thankfully he'd just grabbed the tip of its wing and it flew off. It was witnessed by 2 people who had a right moan about it.

This one still makes me cringe inwardly - he was having a lavish piss against a wall, until I realised he was peeing onto a plate glass window of a restaurant and the staff were all gesticulating at us angrily and shouting. For some reason I didn't just yank him away (I had it in my head I had to let him finish!) so just smiled at them in what I hoped was an apologetic manner until he finished his lengthy piss. I felt like such an arsehole.

2021ishere2021 Thu 18-Feb-21 22:07:58

Whenever he says in someone else's house he poo's in the highest point of the house. Wtf he never pops in the house!

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