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Diarrhoea and sickness, when to worry?

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CupcakeLady06 Mon 15-Feb-21 23:32:47

Try not to worry too much tonight, but give the vet a call tomorrow and see what they say. What breed is she? We have a one year old Labrador who eats everything on her walks and in her younger months she had spells of sickness and diarrhea, turns out she was eating bits of sticks/bark chippings! They come out one way or the other. The worst part is when she calls me down in the middle of the night as she's been sick, but then she eats the sick! So we've got to wait for it to come out the other end lol hope she is ok xx

joystir59 Mon 15-Feb-21 23:04:32

I would ring the vet earliest opportunity. Also has she eaten chicken before and been ok with it? I ask because my dog is allergic to it..

sunflowersandbuttercups Mon 15-Feb-21 23:02:31

I would ring the vet in the morning - sickness and diarrhoea can both be symptoms of a blockage, as well as reluctance to eat.

Good luck thanks

hiredandsqueak Mon 15-Feb-21 19:56:58

Got up yesterday to Bella having been unwell during the night. She seemed to pick up early evening had a little chicken and rice. Got up today to more diarrhoea but Bella seemed brighter. Walked as normal, toileted once soft but quite solid. Brighter all day and then has been sick twice this evening. Drinking plenty but doesn't want food today. She's not hot or in obvious pain but she is miserable.
Her jabs and worming are up to date. She's not eaten anything she shouldn't here because I keep everything shut away. I haven't seen her eat anything she shouldn't out of the house either but it's possible I suppose when she is off lead.
How much longer should I leave it before I call the vet? What should I look out for?

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