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Dog coats

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statetrooperstacey Thu 21-Jan-21 07:45:21

I just thought I’d share this as I’m sure I’m not imagining it, and if it’s ‘a thing’ I thought it might be useful for someone else.
A couple of weeks ago I bought my dog his first winter coat, it’s thick and waterproof and has a furry collarsmile . My dog , 8 yr old border collie x rescue, we’ve had him for 7 yrs. he’s quite nervous of people and a bit skittish in general when on his lead and always walks in front of me zigzagging constantly if he can. Lead walks are not always that fun if there are lots of people about or traffic.
Anyway, I put his coat on him and he’s a different dog! Practically got a swagger on him! He trotts confidently down the road, his zigzagging and skittishness has stopped completely, he’s absolutely full of confidence, he’s a different dog now and I wondered if anyone else had come across this? I’m guessing it works a bit like a weighted blanket? He even walks past men in the dark now without seeming to even notice, whereas before he would be really nervous and scared. Anyway, im made up! Hope this is useful to anyone with a nervous dog.

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Floralnomad Thu 21-Jan-21 11:45:27

Our dog is reactive to bikes and motorcycles , he’s always better when he has his equafleece on .

Loushome Fri 22-Jan-21 00:26:22

I think they’re called Thundercoats or similar?

Thankyou for posting, that’ll be really good for others to know xxx

Antaresisastar Fri 22-Jan-21 07:31:49

We noticed this when we bought our puppy a drying coat (Rough & Tumble) at Christmas. It’s obviously only worn indoors after a walk but the effect was amazing, instant calmness!!!
He doesn’t wear a coat outside at the moment, but I’m tempted to try one.

Mol1628 Fri 22-Jan-21 07:33:37

Really? My dog is terrified of loud noises and traffic. Interesting. Might have to try and get her a thick coat.
I can’t walk her at busy times and even at quiet times she gets skittish.

Frenchdressing Fri 22-Jan-21 07:36:00

Oooh might try this. Our dog gets nervous walking in the dark.

DinosaurDiana Fri 22-Jan-21 07:36:12

My dog used to be very scared of traffic and I found that if I walked him on the side so that the traffic was coming towards us he was better, rather than on the side where the traffic was coming from behind.

Happytentoes Fri 22-Jan-21 07:43:55

When DDogs were younger, I put their drying coats on when there were fireworks. It seemed to calm them.
But now they are big grown up Labradors and ignore the bangs.

So yes, a bit like the thundershirt effect.

Frenchdressing Fri 22-Jan-21 07:48:46

What coat was it btw? We need a new one for our dog.

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