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Awful man at school.

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Sunnydaysstillhere Tue 15-Sep-20 10:52:59

Got chatting to a df at the gate today - never seen him before.
Someone passed with a dpuppy - gorgeous staffy /lab cross.
He started saying how he breeds ddogs. Sells the dpuppies, ditches the dm and gets another breed and starts again. Felt quite sick tbh. He had a dc about 8.. Our dc love our dogs so much I imagined her seeing these dpuppy machines passing through.. What an awful introduction to dpet ownership. And can't imagine when she realised the morals of her df she will be proud.
He went on his way to buy a GSD... My heart sank.
Will be wearing headphones tomorrow to make it easier to ignore him.
How can people sleep making money this way?

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spiderlight Tue 15-Sep-20 11:10:59

Vile sad

fivedogstofeed Tue 15-Sep-20 12:25:40

The money's too good to turn down and it's easier than getting a job.
I get this all the time. People seem to think because I have dogs with me that I'll be impressed or want to buy a puppy. Like you, I'm disgusted.

Funf Thu 17-Sep-20 17:53:33

I tell people to look at rare breeds as no money in them often due to small litter size of not popular as people haven't a clue about them.

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