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SchadenfreudePersonified Tue 15-Sep-20 06:37:34

I noticed on another thread where someone was worried that their dog had been targeted by thieves, that number of people were urging the OP to make sure her microchip was updated - I didn't realise that you had to do this.

Is it not just a one-off thing? Your puppy is registered by the breeder, and when you buy her you change the registration details to your own. Has it to be updated annually or something?

Or were they just warning her to ensure that if she's moved addresses that she needs to alter that? What about neutering? My mal dog isn't neutered though both my bitches are spayed. If I have him castrated, is this something to inform them of?

I know this must seem ignorant as heck, but I just never gave anything like this a thought.

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midnightstar66 Tue 15-Sep-20 06:53:37

Yes they mean change of addresses, if you've become a new owner bit not changed that info etc. Not all dogs are acquired at 8 weeks and stay with that one owner forever and people often forget to change the chip details.

wetotter Tue 15-Sep-20 07:03:47

Identichip sent out an 'update details' email recently.

Which I dutifully did, only to find that it was a way to get you to login and see their (new?) Petplan marketing page. We use a different insurer and this was irritating.

If you ever move or change phone number etc then yes it's one of the things you need to remember to update

fivedogstofeed Tue 15-Sep-20 07:07:45

If you've moved or changed phone number you need to let the microchip company know.
It can happen that an older dog is found and the owner can't be immediately contacted because the number they used to register years ago is an old landline, for example.
Also, when you have a dog at the vets ask for their microchip to be checked. It's very unusual that they fail but recently one stopped working in my 6yr ddog, so had been lost a microchip wouldn't have been detected.

SchadenfreudePersonified Tue 15-Sep-20 08:48:36

Thanks so much everyone - especially fivedogs - the microchip check is a good idea

And as it happens, we changed our phone number a few months ago and I hadn't given the microchip people a thought!

(In my defence I'm not very bright.)

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fivedogstofeed Tue 15-Sep-20 12:21:57

It happens all the time @SchadenfreudePersonified. I've also seen elderly dogs chipped to breeders that no one can contact as too many years have passed.
Dogs can be sold by crappy breeders without the chip being registered at all, so unless the new owner realises this the chip would have no contact details should their dog ever get lost.

On the other microchips happily reunite many lost pets smile

mrsjoyfulprizeforraffiawork Tue 15-Sep-20 12:42:36

Schadenfreude - just to mention, don't forget to change your 'phone number on your dog's tag as well (if you have it on there - which is always a good idea as saves them going to dog warden if you lose them and someone else finds them first).


SchadenfreudePersonified Tue 15-Sep-20 16:00:41


Schadenfreude - just to mention, don't forget to change your 'phone number on your dog's tag as well (if you have it on there - which is always a good idea as saves them going to dog warden if you lose them and someone else finds them first).

Thanks Mrsraffia - we did remember the collar.

I've been trying to get in touch with the microchip company today but have got stuck on a circular situation online - (If X click on y, they if Y, click on X which has just taken me in circles) mainly my fault because I can't remember passwords. Mr Schaden tried phoning but the line was dreadful and we couldn't hear what was happening (again - automated response). I'm going to try again tomorrow.

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pigsDOfly Wed 16-Sep-20 13:29:36

I've had to change my details with the microchip company several times because of moving but it's one of those things that could easily be overlooked.

I have also changed her colour details. The chip was registered by the vet I was with at the time and when I got the forms back I noticed that they'd said she was a 'brown' dog, which could cover all sorts of shades tbh, but she's actually bright orange/ginger in colour.

Not sure how much difference it would make if she were lost or stolen but I wasn't happy about it, just in case.

Anyway, the chip company seemed happy enough to change it and didn't charge me for the change.

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