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coffeewithmilk Mon 14-Sep-20 14:49:57

Any advice is very much welcome.
Currently on day 3 of having our 10 week old puppy. We are crate training him at the moment.
He is fine during the day going in and out of the crate. Anytime he falls asleep outside the crate I lift him in and close the door and he is happy having his naps in there with the door closed. We feed him in the crate so it's a happy place.
He seems to become very unsettled at bedtime. He hasn't slept through the night yet (I know it's only day 3, but he howls the house down and just will not go into the crate)
I don't know what I'm doing wrong, or if anyone has any suggestions I would happily try them.

He seems very quick to train, we've managed to train him just to use the puppy pads at the door and has only had 1 accident so far so I'm pleased with the progress.. it's just the nighttime routine isn't working.

Thank you

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mumofthree321 Mon 14-Sep-20 15:06:20

Night time is very different as puppies are used to having their siblings, mum ... and now your family around him. He's likely to feel very alone at night. I'd advise keeping the crate door open in a room you're 'happy' to have the occasional accident in. In his crate leave a blanket, a worn t shirt or old pillow case you've slept on (something that smells of you/the family). The smells will comfort him. Keep the time before you'd like him to settle calm and quiet, avoiding any boisterous games. Our first dog was amazing and slept in her crate from day 1. The other one who's now 4yrs wasn't so simple. I ended up making myself a bed on the sofa next to her crate (or taking her up to my room). For those few nights she slept in my room in the early days, she's never been upstairs since or even tried. The first dog loved the crate, the second one didn't if I locked the door on it. Very happy to sleep in it if she feels she can get out. I hope that makes sense. I'd give it a couple more weeks and make the crate cosy with smells of you guys, but with the choice to come out if he wants. And perhaps consider the your bed or sofa option for a few nights smile

coffeewithmilk Mon 14-Sep-20 18:23:56

Thank you so much for your reply. I'll definitely try your suggestions and fingers crossed it helps 🤞🏻

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desperatehousewife21 Mon 14-Sep-20 21:14:16

I could have literally written your post! We’re also on day 3 of having our 10 week old lab pup. Crate training, he’s happy to go in it during the day, for meals/ naps. We sometimes leave the door open, sometimes close it.
It’s the nighttime here too, DH has slept downstairs with him ever since we brought him home. It was DHs wish to get a dog so he said he will do all the training/ cleaning etc everything for a dog. It’s hard work! Think it’s a bit of an eye opener for him grin

We also have 2 kids, a rabbit and 2 Guinea pigs so we have a house full now!

Our pup also ends up whining/ yelping if he’s left alone. Whether that’s in the crate or in a room and we’ve gone upstairs. Sometimes we have no choice but to let him get on with it (this morning for example, we had to both take the kids to school so had no choice but to leave him alone. He was in the crate with a kong toy filled with frozen kibble)

So not much actual advice, we feel completely out our depth and worse than when we had our first baby! But I’m right here with you and feel all your pain. If nothing else we can swap nighttime horror stories grin

CMOTDibbler Mon 14-Sep-20 21:21:03

I put my pups (I foster them for a rescue and currently have two 6 week old pups with me) in their crate at night when they are sleepy (so at first they determine bed time to an extent), then I lie down next to the crate - which is draped over with fleece blankets to keep it nice and dark- until they settle. I might have to start with my hand inside so they can feel me, and then as they quiet down I move it out, and then slowly edge away. If they start whimpering, I move back until they stop.
For some puppies, that means I might spend a number of nights sleeping next to them on a yoga mat, and then further time starting on the sofa so I can tell them 'sleepy night night'.
You could consider bringing the crate upstairs to see if being by you is better, then eventually transition it out of your bedroom

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